Rosine Just (Jung) & Jakob Just
family history and other Just families Australia & New Zealand

Rosine Just nee Jung 1831-1909 and Jakob Just 1818-98 arrived 1855 colony of Victoria, Australia with child Emile. Rosine was from St.Imier, Jura region of canton Berne, western Switzerland. Jakob was from near Maienfeld on Rhine, canton Graubünden, eastern Switzerland; carpenter and cabinetmaker and had been at St. Imier working on construction of a church. They married 1850 at Corgément, near St.Imier, and lived in region, son Emile b 1851.

Rosine, Jacob (became usual spelling) and Emile arrived Victoria 21 May 1855 ship Gertrude sailed from Dieppe, France, with others "French". They landed or before long went to Geelong where many Swiss from around Neuchâtel, not far from St.Imier, had settled. They went to live at Steiglitz, a new gold town 26 miles north of Geelong. Jacob was miner and carpenter there and also for a time other gold rush places. Rosine had with her from Switzerland a jeweller's eyeglass and occasionally worked at watch repairing; 1861 newspapers reported her as a Steiglitz watchmaker giving a Geelong court evidence of her work. At Steiglitz between 1856 and 1871 six more children were born; James, Bertha, Pauline, Herman, Cecile, Aurel.

By 1866 Jacob had some presence in Geelong, listed as cabinetmaker, James St. In 1874, he, Rosine and the younger children moved to Geelong where Rosine had purchased the wine licence and business of Pension Suisse, Swiss boarding house and restaurant, 9-11 James St. By 1882 Jacob was a wine merchant there holding a colonial wine license. In 1894 the business passed to others but 1898 Jacob still had half interest in the property. By then he, Rosine and Aurel resided 19 Pakington st, Geelong West, home Bienne, after the Swiss town near St.Imier.

Jakob Just 1818-98
Rosine Just (Jung) 1831-1909

Jacob died 1 July 1898, The Geelong Advertiser said widely known throughout the district, particularly amongst his Swiss compatriots.

It said of Rosine on her death 18 Feb 1909 that she was an old and highly esteemed resident of Geelong West, her remains interred in the presence of a large gathering of sympathising friends from all parts of the surrounding districts, the pall supported by Messrs. J. Deppeler, A.H. Thetaz, F. Marrendaz, J. Harris, H.B. Hodges, H. King and R. and J. Guggar.

Madame Rosine Just a woman watchmaker news 1861.

Jacob pic version 2.Rosine pic version 2.


Rosine's father was David Ludwig (Louis) Jung, master tinsmith 1805-74, from Offenbach, near Frankfurt, state of Hessen (later part of Germany). He came into canton Fribourg on work tour.

Her mother, married 1829, was Euphrosine Susanne Mesey 1805-67 born at Morat (Murten), canton Fribourg, of a family there since 1547. According to Michael Casey tribalp, Euphrosine was dau of Johan Daniel Mesey 1760-1835 of Morat, lake inspector, m 1792 Anna Schori; Johan son of Niclaus Jacob Mesey 1733 m 1754 Magdalena Barbara Düncki; Niclaus son of Peter Mesey m Anna Margaret De Meyriez.


D.L. Jung 1805-74
from full length portrait in
Robert Félalime book acknowledging
Oscar Jung, Belprahon
(click on pic for large full version)

        David Ludwig (Louis) Jung and Euphrosine lived first at Tramelan before moving into nearby St. Imier. David became active in St Imier public affairs including as member of town council. He was naturalised Swiss 1846 by the canton of Berne upon citizenship of the village of Kappelen. Other children below.

Frederic (Fritz) Emanuel Jung 1830-77
Louise Euphrosine Jung 1833-8
Marie Jung 1835-1906, taught the trade of tailoress, 1859 m Philippe Félalime
Hermann François Jung 1836-1901, see below
Charles Jung 1839-1918, from 1867 a pastor at Porrentruy, 1867 m Aurgélie Bourguin, in a letter to Rosine, he reminisced around 1853 being with Fritz, Hermann, Rosine and Just
(Jean Jaques) Oscar Jung 1840-1919
Anna Jung 1842-1922, teacher, 1874 took charge of the French orphanage at Wabern near Berne, a letter to Rosine says her father met with his son Hermann in 1869 at Bâle where Hermann was for a meeting of the Workingmen's Association
Albertine Jung 1845-1911, by 1865 a teacher at Cormoret in charge of the top girls' class, later she moved to Neuveville, m 1867 Edouard Germiquet (thanks for help since 2006 to site author from descendant Claudine Ferrer-Germiquet of Switzerland). Their daughter Marguerite Germiquet born 1886 married her first cousin's son Alan Victor Just from New Zealand and settled there (see further below).

The site author has photocopies of 12 letters to Rosine from members of her family in Switzerland 1865-76. They followed after Rosine re-established contact lost since her departure. The letters are in French but show a family commitment also to knowing German. The letters are from Charles, Albertine and her fiancgé Edouard Germiquet, and Anna. Translations to English made by Frank Pelham Just 1923-74 are available. Acess to all letters and translations:


H.F. Jung 1836-1901
from full length portrait in Robert Félalime book acknowledging Elizabeth Wenger-Lutz,

         Rosine's brother, Hermann François Jung 1836-1901, watchmaker, emigrated to London 1854.

For some years he was close associate of Karl Marx with whom he was 1864 a founder of the First International (International Workingmen's Association). Hermann was corresponding secretary for Switzerland and often presided. More: First Int Archive Riazanov ch ix; Bax ch 2; Hist Lex der Schweiz; also Mehring ch 11, 13, 14 though these erroneously associate Hermann with Marx 1848 confusing him with Georg Jung of that time. Hermann parted ways with Marx after 1872 in disagreement with the new exclusion of anarchist and other non-Marxist elements. He retained his radicalism. Bax, who knew him later, said he was an extraordinary autodidact who made one of the most effective and rousing speeches in defence of socialism he ever heard.

By 1861, Hermann lived and carried on business at 4 Lower Charles St, Clerkenwell in London. He was murdered there 1901. The trial of the recently discharged French soldier eventually convicted was reported in The Times. The prosecution said Hermann was a quiet and peaceable socialist, much respected and of the Swiss Benevolent Society; it was attempted robbery. In an account which at least in part the jury must have rejected, the accused said he was amongst four anarchists Hermann was instructing to murder the Tsar visiting France and that Hermann tried to recruit him to murder Mr Chamberlain (British Colonial Secy) as opposition to the South African war. He said Hermann attacked him with a piece of iron for refusing to agree and he knifed him in self-defence.

Hermann m1 1857 Sarah Elizabeth Ryan d 1880 > Eleonore M Jung 1859 m 1886 Charles Edmond Hauvette; Hermann Francis Jung 1860-80; Lincoln Henry Jung 1864-1903 m 1891 Alice Maud Pearson (> Alice Amy Jung 1892; Lincoln Hermann Jung 1893-1927; Walter William R Jung 1898-1947); Kate Jung 1866-1901 news report d South Africa; Florence Emily Jung 1870; Amy Elizabeth Jung 1872-1922 m 1898 Walter Herbert Hickox; Walter Edward Jung 1876.

Hermann m2 1888 Matilda Sweetland Plows 1865-1941 > Herman Francis Jung 1889, went to Argentina, m Rosalind Anna - (> Herman Francis Jung 1916 m Eng 1945 Lilian Harrison 1922-93; Rosalind Dorothy Jung 1916-91 m Eng 1942 Vivian Charles Ryder; Dorothy Mary Jung 1919; Penelope Kathleen Jung 1923-43 d Eng); Dorothy Mary Jung 1897-1976. Thanks to descendant Sue (Ryder) Kennedy of UK for help.

The Jung family, especially Hermann, and Félalime family are subject in Robert Félalime Saint-Imier et le Vallon de nos Ancêtres published 1998 in French (Editions Intervalles). Robert Félalime 1932-98, a secondary teacher in the region, was a descendant of Philippe Félalime and Marie nee Jung.


Guscha in canton Graubünden, where Jakob was born, was a small Walser village on steep slopes behind Maienfeld. Also known as Mutzen, it had been there for centuries. The area was setting for Johanna Spyri's Heidi (1880).

Jakob's parents were Christian Just and Anna Kammerer (or Cammerer, per death record Jakob). Christian was a miller (per death record Jakob). He was born about 1785 and Anna about 1787 (per 1835 Census).

Alfred Götz (limmat) at Geneanet states that the marriage of Christian and Anna is recorded in Kirkenbuch at Maienfeld as 6 July 1817, and Christian was previously married to Barbara Nigg; the parents of Christian were Anton Just b 1761 m 1783 Cathrina Just b c1758; the parents of Anton were Christian Just b c1730 m 1755 Anna Riederer b c1730; Anton m2 1819 Luzia Tanner; Anton had a younger brother Jacob Just b 1764 m 1790 Margreth Just b c1765 from whom Alfred Götz descends.

There are Just mentions (variant spellings) at Guscha (Mutzen) in 1731, and even back to 1446. There is an article (now pdf on internet) published 1915 by Mooser, Anton, Die freien Walser auf Stürfis, Vatscherinenberg, Rofels und Guscha. It states, "Bei Anlaß einer Marchung mit Guscha im Jahr 1731 sind als Anwesende folgende genannt: Alt Flury und alt Andris Justen, alt und jung Christen, auch jung Andris Justen, Joseph und Christen Riederer, Anthony Justen sei., Fluri und Peter Justen (Fluris Söhnchen), in allem neun Personen männlichen Geschlechts". "1447 erscheint wieder ein Hans Enderiis Sohn ab Mutzen, 1446 ein Frik und ein Joos; diese zwei Geschlechtsnamen treffen wir im Wallis, am Heinzenberg, in Maienfeld, Jenins und Fläsch, in Liechtenstein und Vorarlberg". Timothy Philipp: Maienfeld page (possibly no longer) has portion of 1835 Census (Volkszaehlung) for the Landquart River Valley villages and surrounding areas. The Census first listings 65-70 are Jakob, his parents and others who may include his brothers and sisters. The listing is "Jost", probably an error or a transient variation. The 1835 Census shows at household Christian age 50, Anna g [nee] Kammerer age 48, Anna age 30 birthplace unknown, Chatrina age 28 birthplace Mailand [Milan], Anton age 25 birthplace Ruehtenschwort, Jakob age 16 birthplace Maienfeld, Margreth age 15, Christian age 12, Luzia age 7, Johannes age 1.

Timothy Philipp is a descendant of Anna Margreth Just b c1796 Maienfeld, who married Andreas Buesch, through their daughter Chatrina Buesch 1828-1914 emigrated to Gasconade, Missouri, US. Also to Gasconade went Mathis (Mathias) Just b c1795, and his son Florian Just. Drawing assistance from the account of Alfred Götz, the Elizabeth (Elspeth) Just b c1795, widow by 1880 in the Boesch (Buesch) household, was third wife of Mathis Just. Regard to Götz suggests this Just descent was from Flori Just b c 1760-1784 Maria Lampert.

At Guscha carved on one of the ageless, substantial houses is the date of construction and names of first owners. David Shearer, an Australian descendant of Jakob, visited in 2006 and the marking he saw looks to be


Here pic of the marking taken by David Shearer, who went there with a group including Andreas Just, the last surviving person born in Guscha. The two last families to permanently live in Guscha were those of Andreas and his cousin Mathis Just. The Swiss army bought the family property at Guscha in 1966 and Andreas and family left in about 1967. Mathis and family left in 1969. In the 1300's, the Just ancestors lived in the German speaking high country of canton Wallis (Valais). The inhabitants of the high country decided that there were too many people living in their area and drew lots to decide who would move away. Some went to Guscha, others to a little high up village in Italy - the only one where German is spoken in Italy. Guscha's heyday was in the mid 1800's. They referred to themselves as The Republic of the Twelve Houses. They were quite isolated particularly in winter. They grew corn, wheat, potatoes, cauli, broccoli etc and ran sheep, geese, chickens, pigs, cows and goats. They made cheese. They hunted deer and mountain goat all year. Generally, they needed no money and had little. They would sell produce and buy necessities in Maienfeld.

A local newspaper report from some years ago which David Shearer was shown pic translates approximately thus.

Folk Festival in Guscha
This weekend in the former Walser settlement of Guscha above Maienfeld there will again be a joyful Folk Festival with much music and entertainment. First reference to Guscha is said to be in ancestral writing of 5 February 1366 stating its existence, and in the Register of Community Archives from 16 April 1517 to 1 December 1571, the Walser settlement is mentioned six times. The writer Anhorn reported in 1622 that it consisted of a village of six houses and more stables below, and Guscha villagers were on the hill where the Anhorns were the night of 24 September 1622 of the Austrian invasion.Guscha once had 170 inhabitants, but the population was never more. In 1969 the last Guschner ceased residence there and the Walser settlement ended. In 1974 the Pro Guscha Association was formed with 18 keen members. Guscha to them was threatened with decay. All the houses were restored and new life given them thanks to the initiative of the members. Once a year the Pro Guscha Association organises a joyful Folk Festival such as will be on this weekend.

Here newspaper pic depicting father and uncle of Andreas Just, shown to David Shearer; "at a height of 1115 metres lived the former Walser community of Guscha". Here pic David Shearer with group at Guscha 2006.

Regard to the account of Alfred Götz suggests the descent of the last Just families at Guscha was from Andreas Just b c1750 m Catharina Suter b c1750. This Andreas likely was a cousin of Anton Just b 1761, grandfather of Jakob Just. The relation is probably intensified by cousin marriage, especially that of Anton to Chatrina Just possibly a sister of Andreas.

Andreas (Andrew) Riederer 1811-67 who emigrated to Kansas, United States was likely related to Jakob Just through the Riederer ancestry and probably in more than one way due to cousin marriage.

Andreas (Andrew) Just 1854-1933 with his parents Florian Just 1815-58 m Menga Näf, from Maienfeld, in 1858 also went to Kansas: sources Alfred Götz and


Many Swiss came to Victoria during the term 1839-1854 of Charles Joseph La Trobe as Victoria's British Government Superintendent and subsequently Lieutenant-Governor. La Trobe had huguenot background and close personal links to the Neuchâtel region.

The Swiss presence was strong in Geelong region, where wine growing, founded mainly by settlers from near Neuchâtel, was thriving 1850-1875 and led the Victorian wine industry. Subsequently the industry collapsed in the region though many Swiss stayed. A book by John Tétaz, From Boudry to the Barrabool Hills: The Swiss Vignerons of Geelong (Aust. Sch. Publ. 1995) is very interesting - much of it comprises old Tétaz family letters to Switzerland. It includes the full Liste des Neuchâtelois appTélés par Charles-Joseph La Trobe de Montmollin, gouverneur de l'Etat de Victoria, pour y venir planter la vigne and a list of Swiss arrivals in the region by ship as found by the author. There is no reference to Rosine or Jakob Just but there is mention of the Pension Suisse. It had been in business by 1858. Louis Amiet, who had come from Boudry, ran it until death 1872 when his wife Marie took over. By 1894, it was kept by Auguste Thetaz (or Tétaz).

Geelong Advertiser June 5 1874 reported "The annual dinner of the Geelong Vingrowers Association is to be held this evening at the Swiss restaurant, James - street, when Madame Just will doubtless be able to show her cuisine can produce a banquet worthy of such an occasion".

Daryl Sefton, grandson of Pauline Sefton (Just), with wife Nini, in 1966 commenced the revival of the Geelong industry.

A booklet by Lorraine Phelan The Geelong Swiss (Geelong Family History Group Inc 1995) includes entries on Jakob Just, Emile Just and families. There are also some references to the Just family in the W.J. Morrow Index (microfilm at State Lib Vic) to The Geelong Advertiser 1874, 1880-1. Generally, see also, Susanne Wegmann The Swiss in Australia (Rüegger, Switzerland, 1989). Also many Swiss from canton Ticino, southern Switzerland (Svizzera), came to Australia about that time.

Children and some further descendants of Rosine Just (Jung) and Jakob Just


Emile Just


Emile Ulysse Just 1851-1937 b St Imier, Switz.

Became a school teacher. The booklet by Anna Just and Nancy Reid (see below) says: "Midway through the year 1866 Emile started his teaching career as a pupil teacher at the Steiglitz School. Eighteen months later he moved on to the New Chum School. Emile then moved to the school at Creswick, before being appointed Head Teacher of the Common School No 1071, Beremboke, which he opened on the 5th September, 1870, at age of 19. Emile gained his Certificate of Competency on 21 June, 1876. As a musician Emile was in great demand in the district."

Emile m Ballarat 1878
Annie Maria Adams 1850-1947.

In 1879, Emile and family moved to Stafford, New Zealand, an ephemeral gold mining settlement of South Island west coast, near Greymouth, where Emile taught two years. They moved to Christchurch, New Zealand, where Emile taught at East Christchurch or Sydenham school until 1890. He became headmaster at nearby Lyttelton Borough School. He was active in music and cricket circles, for instance by 1903 conductor of Lyttelton Orchestral Society; Secretary 1921-36 North Canterbury Council of Licensed Victuallers Assoc.

pics Emile and Annie c1928.

Ancestry of Annie Maria Adams (Just) 1850-1947

Anna Maria Adams was born 1850 Woodford near Warrnambool, Victoria. It shows in birth index, child of William and Carol. This likely is baptism, though the record seems unavailable. Her parents were William Adams c1807-62 and Caroline Hale 1826-1902.

Other children of William Adams and Caroline were Emily Adams 1847-1908 m Archibald McNicol, Caroline Adams 1852-1913 m Victoria 1889 Charles John Dyke, Alice Elizabeth Adams 1854-1933.

William Adams was also known as William Howard. He lived c1807-62. The name Adams is from his mother's stepfather. By own account, he was born York Town, Van Diemen's Land, said as informant on birth record daughter Alice 1854. William Adams 1862 death record informed by George Emery, described as half-brother, has born VDL, death 31 May Warrnambool, age 54, in Victoria 23 years, mother Charlotte Adams.
York Town had been founded March 1805 with convicts, soldiers and free persons. It followed brief settlement from 4 November 1804 nearby across river at Port Dalrymple, first British settlement in north Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). Charlotte Adams arrived Port Dalrymple per Buffalo 4 November 1804. In 1806 the York Town settlers were mostly moved south to become Launceston. Some settlement grew at Port Dalrymple. York Town occupation ceased 1808.
September 1807 Charlotte Adams was recorded free woman on Norfolk Island. She departed there April 1810 for Port Jackson. Her departure was on ship Lady Nelson as a woman associated with NSW Corps seemingly partner to Benjamin Butcher, an army private at Norfolk Island since 1801. On 1810 departure are children over 2 years Keziah Adams and William Adams; they are listed separately with Mary Adams thought mother of Charlotte, see below. Keziah would be child of Mary, William grandchild.
By 1818 Charlotte Adams was back in region of Launceston. William was also there, the 1821 census William Emery aged 13/15 would be him following name of his mother's partner.
In name William Howard, he married Launceston 1831 Susannah Jordan 1817-61. Their child Charlotte Howard born 1838 would be Charlotte age 24 listed on 1862 William Adams death record as of first marriage VDL to whom unknown.
About 1840, William left for recently established Melbourne where 1842 as William Adams he married Caroline Hale. As William Adams he farmed west of Melbourne at Warrnambool, Wangoom and Woodford, by 1862 also innkeeper. On birth daughter Alice 1854 William gave age 43, accountable as understatement. His half-brother George Emery 1824-1891 was farmer in same area. By 1860's his daughter Charlotte Howard with husband James Wheeler also were in area; they had married VDL 1859 with a witness Martha Emery being Charlotte's cousin age 15, daughter of John Emery half-brother of William Adams/Howard.

Father of William Adams/Howard is now uncertain. The 1862 William Adams death record gives father William Adams unknown rank or profession. This lacks other support though it could be confusion with the William Adams, see below, stepfather of the mother of William Adams/Howard and the informant.
As to Howard family name William used, there was Thomas Howard, convict, arrived like Charlotte Adams at Port Dalrymple per Buffalo 4 November 1804 and was at York Town. In April 1805 he assisted there in arresting a stores burglar. In England when soldier of First Regiment of Guards, Thomas Howard had been sentenced 1801 transported life for burglary and highway robberies, arrived NSW 1803. He was pardoned conditional 1809 absolute 1810. In April 1809 he was appointed Superintendent and Chief Constable at Port Dalrymple. He married 1811 Elizabeth Mills. He died fall from horse 1819, great wealth.

Mother and grandmother of William Adams/Howard. His mother by married name at death was Charlotte Emery 1789-1878, said on death 92. She is thought to have been Charlotte Chatterton child of Mary Chatterton imprisoned to be transported: Baptism 2 Dec 1789 St Mary, Lancaster, Lancashire, England; Charlotte Chatterton dau. of Mary Chatterton; Abode: Castle Lancr., Notes P. Illegte., Source LDS Film 1526146, church shown on other index as St Mary at Bury.
Mary would be the Mary Adams on 1810 Norfolk Island departure above, name Adams which Mary and Charlotte used for some years being from William Adams, convict arrived 1790, soldier after 1793, to whom Mary had been at Sydney married 1791 until his death 1798. Mary is subject of detailed published accounts: born 1756 Mary Morton, arrived Sydney convict 1791 as Mary Chatterton/Chadderton on ship Mary Ann. Reportedly there were six children on this ship, one probably was Charlotte. Mary was at Norfolk Island by 1805, free. In Sydney region, Mary 1814 married William Baker soldier who had been at Norfolk Island, then 1824 married Benjamin Cusley. She died 1834 recorded Mary Crutchley.
By 1818 Charlotte Adams in region of Launceston was with William Emery 1782-1860, convict 1814 Emery/Emmery to Sydney per General Hewitt, Dec 7 1818 from off the shores petition to Sydney conditional pardon. Charlotte Adams was named mother on baptism John Emery born 26 June 1818 and Thomas Emery 1820. She was Charlotte Emery for George Emery 1825. In 1819 Charlotte Adams was in list of wives of civil officers, settlers and free people. In 1825 Charlotte married William Emery record having Charlotte Golding, widow. There is no other known evidence linking Charlotte with name such as Golding or being previously married. There was Benjamin Gouldring or Goulding c1783-1823, convict arrived Sydney 1799, conditional pardon 1801, recorded in Sydney 1804 Jan shipwright on ship Sept minor theft, then seemingly unrecorded until 1811 Port Dalrymple, 1812 granted land new settler, land at Morven.

Caroline Hale 1826-1902 was from Wotton Under Edge, Gloucestershire. She came to Hobart, VDL 1833 with parents George Hale 1793-1837 former soldier, and Ann Fox 1799-1860, m 1818. By 1870's widow Caroline was at Ballarat, also her daughter Annie.

Acknowledgment for assistance Glen Lambert emails 2020 on some of Charlotte Adams account and more

children & some further descendants of Emile Ulysse Just and Annie Maria Adams

1. Maude Aurelie Miriam Just 1879-1977 born at Steiglitz. Early time as pupil teacher.

2. Leonie Carine Bertha Just 1881-1976 teacher Christchurch. m 1912 William Osborne Rennie 1879-1950 farmer > Alan Osborne Rennie 1916-69; George Emile Rennie 1917-2010 whose daughter Pat Pritchett 2009 helped site author.

3. Charles Emile William Just 1882-1976 shipping agent, ww1 NZ army Europe, later of Invercargill, later Dunedin, m 1914 Annie Beatrice Pairman 1888-1976 > Emily Margaret Just 1917-2009 headed pre-school Helen Deem Centre, Dunedin; Nancy Maude Just 1921-2011 architectural drafter m 1959 Archibald Mackellar Reid.

4. Ottilie Albertine Just 1884-1962 m 1914 Sidney George Sandle 1884-1936 army officer, later sgt-at-arms NZ parliament > John Sandle 1916-2006.

5. Alan Victor Just 1886-1983 electrical engineer, of Christchurch, 1912 in Switzerland with uncle Charles Jung and cousins Theodore and David Jung, ww1 NZ army Europe, m England 1919 Marguerite Germiquet 1886-1972 from Switzerland, daughter of grandmother Rosine's sister Albertine nee Jung > Alan Emile Edouard Just 1920-2012 m 1948 Marguerite Frances Wade 1919-88; Anne Rosine Just 1929-2008 pic librarian.

6. Irene Alice Emily Just 1888-1983 m 1919 Leonard Prebble 1886-1950 sheepfarmer near Christchurch > Leonard James Prebble 1920-25; Irene Aurelie Prebble 1928 m 1955 Stanley Jones 1923-83; Derek Prebble 1930 m 1959 Jeanette Murray; Marguerite (Sue) Prebble 1932 m 1957 Ken Rule.

Emile and Annie Just and their family
by Anne Just and Nancy Reid, of New Zealand, 1980

(pdf 9 mb)

This booklet has pictures of Jacob and Rosine which have been adapted for this site and has provided some of the information about them and the Emile Just family of New Zealand. It concludes
Contributions and assistance from many members of the family in New Zealand, and also in Australia and Switzerland greatly helped Anne Just and Nancy Reid compile this booklet which was typed by Sue Rule. "Waihi" 1980.

The authors were Anne Rosine Just 1929-2008 and Nancy Maude Just (Reid) 1921-2011, listed above.

some more pictures from booklet
Emile, Annie & children c1900
NZ Just family group 1928


James Arnold Just 1856-60 b Steiglitz, Vic.

Died 13 Nov 1860 at Steiglitz of illness described as water on the brain.




Albertine Bertha Just 1858-83 b Steiglitz, Vic.

Known as Bertha. When her parents went to Geelong, 1874, she shared home for a time with Emile at Beremboke.

Bertha became a State school teacher, appointed October 1878 to Burramine East School, in northern Victoria near Yarrawonga. She remained there until near date of death 14 April 1883 at James st, Geelong of illness described as mal assimilation of food 2 years.

In her will 1883, Bertha left her furniture at schoolhouse Boosey South (near or perhaps same as Burramine East) to her sister Pauline who herself later settled and remained in the area, near Tungamah.

Bertha died age 24.


Pauline Just


Lucy Pauline Just 1860-1933 b Steiglitz, Vic.

Known as Pauline or Polly. In 1874, moved to Geelong with her parents. In 1887 at Modewarre near Geelong, married William Jasper Sefton1861-1939, farmer.

William's father, William Sefton 1833-1909, came to Geelong area from northern Ireland; mother Elizabeth Lawrence 1831-1913 from Wiltshire England, m Geelong 1854. It seems the Lawrence family had first settled at Modewarre opening a boot shop, later moving to Youarang in northern Victoria where they were among the first selectors.

Soon after marriage, Pauline and Will settled in Youarang district, near Tungamah. Pauline died 1933.

Image adapted from that in a silver locket inherited by Pauline Toohey nee Sefton, great grand daughter of Pauline Just. See also of locket pic1 & pic2.

children & some further descendants of Pauline Just & William Sefton

children were born Youarang district, Victoria

1. Bertha Albertine Polly Sefton 1889-1948 m 1912 Charles Louis Miller 1885-1957 > Aurel Charles Miller 1912-95, Leonard William Miller 1915-2002, Beryl Bertha Miller 1918

2. Aurel William Sefton 1890-1958 farmer m 1915 Lillian Rose Emma Harry 1889-1975 > Roy Harry Sefton 1917-80

3. Roy Emile Sefton 1892-1928 estate agent m 1917 Amy Hephzibah Miller 1889-1928 > Carl Roy Sefton 1919-97, Max Frederick Sefton 1922 d same year, Valda Alice Sefton 1923-99 m Walter Francis Rainey Drayton 1923-2001

4. Eric Harry Sefton 1895-1971 teacher m 1921 Vera Eva Jenkin 1895-1954 > Jean Estelle Sefton 1922-2010 m Colin William Brewer, Ailsa Eunice Roper (Sefton) 1928-2020 teacher

5. Douglas Just Sefton 1898-1952 vet surgeon at Geelong m 1926 Violet Mary Ferguson 1902-74 > Daryl Ralph Sefton 1927-2016 vet surg and winegrower pic m 1952 Nini (Enid Margaret) Gaskell 1928-2017, Russell Douglas Sefton 1938-2013 production staff Channel 9 Melb

6. Cecile Pauline Sefton 1900-01


Herrmann Just c1940
click picture to enlarge


Herrmann Charles Just 1866-1953 b Steiglitz, Vic.

b 21 Mar 1866. Known as Herrmann or H.C. Just (birth record Charles Herman). After childhood at Steiglitz and Geelong, Herrmann became a Victoria public servant late 1883 with Lunacy Department, Sunbury where clerk at Lunatic Asylum to 1903, also about 1892 member of the Sunbury based Rupertswood Battery of the Victorian Horse Artillery pic, pic.

Secretary Ballarat Lunatic Asylum to 1908, Secretary Kew Lunatic Asylum to retirement 1928. Secretary was chief administrative officer.

Herrmann m
Anne Elizabeth Saunders, b Clunes Vic 1859. Annie was a State school teacher from 1878-88, at Sunbury from 1880; m Herrmann 8 Jan 1886, Corowa NSW (says birth record first child, record not found). She was child of Pelham Ambrose Saunders and Jane nee Robson; more and also on Robson and Saunders family histories

Herrmann, Annie and family mainly resided on or near the grounds of the institutions at which Herrmann worked. In retirement, he and Annie resided Elwood, and Esplanade Hotel at Queenscliff, after 1946 Herrmann mainly at Queens Rd, Melbourne.
Annie d 1946, Herrmann d 1953, both bur St Kilda cem.

Pictures Annie 1912, Annie c1940, Herrmann & Annie c1940, Herrmann 1945, Herrmann c1948

children & some further descendants of Herrmann Just & Annie Saunders

1. Aurelie Stella Just 1886-1972 pic b 20 Sept 1886, Sunbury. m 1911 Henry Richmond Kofoed 1877-1932, assistant factory manager and chief chemist Nobel's Deer Park near Melbourne. Family res there, after 1932 Sunshine. Henry b Vic, son of Jens Thorsen Christian Kofoed b Denmark, and Isabella nee Dobson.
> Nina Isabella Kofoed 1912-2002 pharmacist m Robert Aubrey Dunt 1906-84.
> Jack Francis Richmond Kofoed 1914-88 pic carpenter, engineer m Lorna Edith Jelbart 1916-97.
> Jean Dulcie Kofoed 1918-2006 dental nurse m Evan Charles Rees.

pic 4 generations 1912 Aurelie nee Just, Nina nee Kofoed, Jane nee Robson, Anne nee Saunders, thanks to Lola North.

2. Ruby Bertha Just 1888-1985 nurse, trained Ballarat Dist Hosp 1907-10, Australian Army Nursing Service 1915-19, at No 1 Australian Auxiliary Hospital Harefield England to Oct 1917 pic then Rouen France pic; later nurse at Melb. Res later at 80 Broadway, Elwood, companion David Campbell Goudie 1879-1970.

3. Gladys Irene Just 1889-1974 pic, pic, pic adapt from pics thanks Richard Eustace, school teacher 1905-12, m 1924 John Warne Eustace 1879-1946, accountant, res Kew (1938), after 1946 at Broadway, Elwood.
> Alan Warne Eustace 1925-2014
> Ian Graham Eustace 1928-2019

4. Dulcie Ethel Just 1891-1978 pic m 1933 Charles Napier 1883-1934, a commercial traveller. Dulcie res by 1930's at 80 Broadway, Elwood. Charles Napier is buried with Just's at St.Kilda Cem. Dulcie's nephew, Theo Nier, until his death 2018, kept this pic of Charles Napier prominently shown. Charles was born Hampshire England. He came to Australia after service in British Army and served in the AIF 1915-18 including in France. He was married 1918-1932 to Dorothy Isobel Dentry.

5. Doris Cecile Just 1892-1901 b 14 Sept 1892 Barkley st Sunbury, d 5 Oct 1901 Rosenthal, Sunbury where family by then resided, bronchial pneumonia.

6. Herrmann Carl Just 1894-1971 30 Aug 1894 Barkley st Sunbury. known as Carl. m 1919 Olive Ella Oxlade 1895-1972 Solicitor admitted 1918, at Geelong to 1924 with uncle Aurel Just, then Bourke St, Melb to 1955 first as partner to Arthur Phillips 1872-1940; res many years Bowen St, Kew. Carl pic c1911 pic c1950 pic c1953 pic c1953 pic c1964; Carl, Olive pic c1935, pic 1943 with Gordon.
> Jack Just 1920-99 pic 1945 pic 1988, m 1944 Edith Catherine Dunstan 1915-87, m2 1988 Alison Rufka Jarrold 1920-2013. Over 50 years solicitor. (> Norman John Just 1944-2017 and 2 more > further descendants).
> Gordon Just 1924-2011 pic 1943 pic 1965 pic 2004, m 1948 Betty Holmes Tyas 1922-2008. Legal profession 46 years. (> Donald Just site author m Kim; Alan Just m1 Jane > Anna Just, Karl Just; m2 Cheryl).

pic 4 generations c1945 Herrmann Just 1866-1953, Jack Just 1920-99, Norman Just 1944-2017, Carl Just 1894-1971.

7. Nina Annie Just 1896-1983 pic 1953, b 18 May 1896 Barkley st Sunbury by registry error b as Muriel May Just, m 1925 Reinhold Theodor Nier  1894-1970, b Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany, to Australia as seaman 1912, migrated 1913, naturalised citizen 1923, knitting manufacturer.
> Oswald Theodor Nier 1926-2018 pic with mother Nina pic about 1975 pic 2014. Trained in fitting and turning, Theo worked as an international seaman, also at Melbourne as a cellarman to a wine merchant and later as a storeman/driver for a department store. In 1999 he moved to Avenel in rural Victoria where he had purchased an old former post office and residence near the railway line in which he lived alone until death: pic 2016. Theo had strong interest in the Just family history and provided photos adapted to make those above of Nina, Dulcie, Ruby, below of Frank with Leila and more.
> Carl David Nier 1929-2001 technical representative m Dora Presser 1935-2021 (> Carl Andre Nier 1964). Worked and taught in textile industry Melb with qualification gained in London early 1950's.

8. Francis Pelham Just 1898-1976 pic b Sunbury. m 1921 Leila Anne Lawson 1895-1982 b Katandra, north Victoria, child of William Naisby Lawson (b 1857 Sunderland Eng arr Vic c1864 with mother Margaret nee Naisby 1835-1910, source partly Alison Naisby, Sunderland, e-mails to site author 2004) and Lavinia Maria Ford m 1887 fordsofkatandra. FP Just, known as Frank, solicitor admitted 1920, at Geelong many years with uncle Aurel Just; pic Frank with Leila.
> Frank Pelham Just 1923-74 pic, more pics ww2 RAAF att RAF DFC, Sorbonne Doctorate, from 1957 French Dept U Melb, m Eileen Mary Willis 1923-91 (> F.P. Roger Just, Odile Mary Just 1955-2016 m Andrew Dickson, William Francis Pelham Just 1958-2000)
> Marie Leila Just 1928-2022, m 1949 Peter Richard Hocking 1926-90 (> 2 children)
> Rosalind Naisby Just 1931-2010.


Cecile Just
click picture to enlarge


Cecile Aurélie Just 1868-1954 b Steiglitz, Vic.

Married Victoria 1895 John Ballantyne Shearer 1870-1956 pic. Soon after marriage settled Western Australia.
John was employed by WA Railways 1885-1935, at retirement, paymaster.

Cecile and John resided at Claremont, WA. Around 1919, it was at Victoria Ave, home "Bienne" as her parents had called their home at Geelong West.

Cecile died 1954 at Claremont and John 1956.

Cecile c1950

children & some further descendants of Cecile Just & John Shearer

1. John Shearer 1897-1984 pic Perth. Scientist in physics Uni WA to 1962 asap.unimelb, m 1931 Muriel Jane Aitken 1896-1982 > David Shearer pic with site author Melbourne 2016, Aurelie Shearer

2. Aurelie Cecile Shearer 1898 Perth d 5m

3. Elsa Pauline Shearer 1901-95 m Perth 1937 Guido Mayrhofer 1898-1968

4. Marjorie Shearer 1902-35, nurse, Perth


Aurel Just
click picture to enlarge


Aurel Victor Jung Just 1871-1954 b Steiglitz, Vic.

Educated Geelong, also New Zealand where lived for a time with Emile.

Aurel was for 60 years a solicitor at Geelong.

Resided many years 6 Garden Street.

Died 1954 Geelong.

See Vivian Hill, Geelong Lawyers Collection, (1986).



click picture to enlarge

In 1930, Emile Just visiting from New Zealand went to Steiglitz with his brothers Herrmann Just and Aurel Just. Herrmann provided Emile the picture copied above, backed "Memories of Steiglitz 13/5/30. Kind regards from HC".
Thanks to Pat Pritchett, 2011, descendant of Emile.

click picture to enlarge

Above: In 1969, Frank Just junior arranged a gathering of Just, Nier, Sefton and other descendants at Steiglitz.

Steiglitz 1969 pic 2

In 1977, Carl Nier senior arranged a similar gathering.


The name Just

The name Just has long occurred through most of continental Europe and the British Isles from where Just emigrants have introduced it to other parts of the world. The spread of location and across affiliations including Jewish and Christian hints at Jewish, Huguenot and Moravian Brethren dispersals over many centuries and into recent times. Names such as Juste, Justin, Jost, and Yost probably are variants, IGI suggests also Guest.

Pronunciation varies, probably mainly to prevailing regional language, though so far as the site author is aware, all those in Victoria, Australia of the originally Swiss family maintain "you - st". Descendants today at Maienfeld, Switzerland maintain "you - sht".


Some other families name Just, Australia and New Zealand

These families are without known relation to the Just family of Swiss origin primarily subject of this site or to each other. If there are any relations, it appears it would lie in continental Europe before 1800.

Patrick Just 1809-79 & Marion Calman (Just) from Scotland, descendants esp Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria, New Zealand

A Scottish family named Just had several members who emigrated to Australia 1800's. It is said the family had arrived Scotland later 1600's name Juste, huguenot refugees from France with yet earlier origins at Florence. A large database including deep into the Scottish ancestry is that of descendant Frank Richard Just (NZ) rootsweb
4hydest, much assistance for this account. The first to Australia was Patrick Just b 1809 Dundee, m1 1837 Elizabeth Alison Cook, m2 1849 Marion Calman 1817-84. Patrick arrived Victoria 1851 with Marion. Two of his brothers also came to Australia; John Thain Just 1817-54 m Adelaide 1853 Frances Yeates, and James Just 1810-98, both died at Adelaide without descendants. Patrick Just was Consul for Netherlands. In London about 1852-4, he returned to Victoria for several years then went to South Australia where shipping agent and journalist. Wrote book P. Just Australia, published Dundee 1859. d 1879 at Adelaide. Wemyss, family name of Patrick's mother Jean, has recurred amongst the group. Descendants include

Thomas Cook Just 1839-1900
4hydest8 mother being Elizabeth Cook, pic link to State Lib Tas, settled Tasmania, journalist, Tas MP tasparl/lynej177, wrote official handbook of Tasmania and other books
Thomas Cook Just m1 1862 Jane Dymond > Thomas Wemyss Just 1864-1921 of Tas, Vic, later England where died, m 1883 Louisa Grace Taylor (> Dora Gertrude Mary Just 1886 m New Zealand 1908 John Philip Mason; Bertha Violet Minnie Just 1891-1970 b and res Vic)
Thomas Cook Just m2 1875 Josephine Hadley >
Frank Richard Just 1879-1920
4hydestI4 from Hobart settled 1900 Wellington, New Zealand, soldier and phys ed teacher, m 1901 Ida Florence McAnerin 1881-1959 > Richard James Cook Just 1903-69 m 1926 Julia Jewel Browne 1904-90 m2 1960 Doreen Gilmour Auld 1901-1992 (> of NZ, Frank Richard Just 1929-2018 provider of database m 1954 Joyce Amy Loton 1931-2013; Norman Francis Just 1932-2021 m 1958 Molly Beverley Molloy, Jack Tama Haigh Just 1935-2004 m 1958 Margaret Elizabeth Anderson 1937-2012, Thomas Weymess Just 1942 m 1965 Marilyn Elsie Louch 1939-2016); Jack Francis Just 1912-2002 changed name to St Just, m 1943 Zena Ellen Augusta Mollgaard 1917-2004; Joan Frances Just 1914-91 m 1946 Reginald Frederick Joyce 1900-57 m2 1974 Percy Douglas Harrold 1913-87
Alice Mary Just 1881 m Launceston, Tas 1900 Alfred Simpson
Howard Hope Just 1883-1945 m 1906 Nita Gladys Rex settled 1910 Cape Town, South Africa, children
John Clay Just 1887-1937, sea captain res mainly Balwyn, Vic d NSW, m Vic 1919 Nellie Selina Hodgson 1893-1966
Wemyss Cook Just 1889-1958 m Vic 1914 Valerie Eleanor Pullar where settled
Elizabeth Ann Just 1840-1915 mother being Elizabeth Cook, lived mainly Adelaide, photographer and postmistress
John Calman Just 1854-1929
4hydest75 stockbroker Adelaide and Sydney m 1878 Sarah Louise Stephens >
Marion May Just 1879-1940 m NSW 1908 Ernest Edward Hall
John Stephens Just 1880-1962 engineer by 1930's settled Queensland, m Margaret Valentine Ligertwood 1883-1977 > all b NSW, Margaret Louise Just 1907-96, Muriel Jean Just 1910-92, John Ligertwood Just 1911-33
George Leslie Just 1885-1933 settled Vic, res Camberwell m 1908 Ethel Thomasina Humphries > William George Just 1911-68 m Helen Mary - d 1983, solicitor at Wangaratta, Vic, though unrelated had some legal profession collaboration in 1950's with Gordon Just, see above; Robert Bruce Just 1922-86 m Melb 1945 Eunice Powell 1920-96
Henry Calman Just 1856-1928
4hydest76 commercial traveller m1 Melbourne 1883 Bertha Elizabeth Bird 1862-88 > Henry Alexander Just 1884-1949 m Violet Stoker (> Lily Bertha Just m NSW 1944 Jack Raymond Morrison); m2 Melbourne 1890 Laura Elizabeth Bond > Laura Louisa Just 1893 m 1922 Allan Byrne; Olive Beatrice Just 1896 m 1916 Joseph Gates


To Queensland, others from the Scotch family

Three brothers, distant cousins of the above Patrick Just from Scotland, emigrated from Scotland to Queensland.

William Just 1851-1909 arrived 1883 with family; chemist, settled Brisbane, m Scotland 1872 Catherine Connon 1858-1921 > William Just 1874-1951, John Just 1877-1928, Barbara Dall Clark Just 1885, Eleanora Clark Just 1882-c1912, Sydney James Baker Just 1883-1952, Elizabeth Stack Just 1885, Mabel Catherine Just 1887:
Thomas Clark Just 1853-1915 arrived 1877, accountant and land owner, res Dalby later Brisbane, m 1878 Elizabeth Burns Yule 1854-1934 > David Clark Just 1879 m 1914 Minnie Wray 1876-1938 (> incl George Hallarday Just 1902-30, Douglas Clark Just 1909-67 b Roma in Queensland as was John David Just 1911-89), Christian Douglas Just 1881-1946, Elizabeth Burns Just 1885-1960, Robert Nicol Just 1887-1947 m Catherine Reid Black 1888-1936 (> Yvonne Just 1922-49), James Yule Just 1888 kia Pozieres, France 1916 headstone
pic, Thomas Clark Just 1889-1963, Alexander Just 1890-1941, Oliver Wane Just 1891-1952: 4hydest451
David Gibson Just 1854-1945 arrived 1876, accountant, storekeeper, grazier, settled Dalby, m 1883 Isabella Carrie Yule 1858-1937 > incl Grace Douglas Just 1885-1944, Isabella Carrie Just 1886-1967, John Gibson Just 1888-1967 m 1929 Mary Watt Ferguson, Alexander Yule Just 1890-1976 m 1938 Edith Maude Nelder, William Gladstone Just 1893-1967 m 1934 Constance May Nelder d 1947, Edith Dall Just 1895-1935 m 1926 Arthur Geoffrey Cornell, Elizabeth Just 1900-87:

A cousin of the three brothers was

Leslie Mitchell Just
1848-1920, customs and excise officer Qld, d Sydney NSW, m Queensland 1877 Frances Sophia Ryder d 1907 > all b Qld, Agnes May Frances Just 1879, William Leslie Montrose Just 1883, Lorna Leslie Just 1885 (> Eric Just 1912)


More to Queensland

Leopold Theodore Just
1830-83 son of Freidrich Just and Freidricke, m Dresden 1852 Bertha Henrietta Reichel 1832-86 dau of Gottfried Librecht Reichel. Leopold and Bertha with children from Sachsen (Saxony) arr Brisbane 1873 ship from Hamburg >
Theodore Robert Just 1853-1929 c1900 bootmaker Cooktown
Johannes Kurt Just 1857-1943 farmer at Minden m1 1878 Anne Moore d 1881 m2 1890 Marie Antoni Itzstein d 1923 > Theodor Kurt Just 1890-1943, Sophie Eleanor Just 1891
Carl Just 1858
Rosa Maria Just 1863-1958 m 1880 Friedrich Von der Groeben m2 1897 William Hansen
Sophie Marie Just 1867-1953 m 1884 Johann Wenck

Ernst Rudolph Just 1839-1907, b Herrnhut, a town in Saxony of the Moravian tradition; Brisbane storekeeper; in Qld by 1867 when m Louise Freidricke Charlotte Wagner 1848-1919 dau of Carl Wagner and Hannah Wilhelmine Charlotte Sommer >
Carl Wilhelm Rudolph Just 1871-1957
pic Brisbane watchmaker m Clara Marie Mewing 1877-1918 > Eileen Clara Just 1895, Norman Hermann Rudolph Just 1896 (> Kenneth Norman Just 1920-65)
Ruby Louise Marie Just 1898
Margaretha Louise Hanna Magdalena Just 1873 m 1890 Friedrich Sperling

Martin Julius Just 1844-91 son of Gottfried Just, m Albertine Amelia Giering b 1852, both from Kreis Birnbaum (now in Poland), arr Brisbane 1878 >
Anna Just 1874
Otto Julius Paul Just 1876-8
Emma Just 1877-1943 m 1903 Thomas John Buckley
Richard Julius Paul Just 1879-1921
Albert August Just 1883 m Fanny Cummings 1891-71 > Cedric Albert Just 1910-96 m Mary 1910-76; Victor Merve Just 1913-89 m 1932 Gladys Hepenstal Jane Bell 1915-94 (> Mervyn George Albert Just 1932-2004)
Emil Martin Just 1886 m 1912 Elizabeth Kyte > Hilma Dorothy Just 1913
William Henry Just 1889
Martha Florentine Just 1889-1969
Albertine Emelia Just 1891

Christian Theodore Just 1853-1936, b Saxony, farmer at Goombungee 40km north of Toowoomba, m Emilene Emma Lemke 1865-1933, both in Qld by 1887. Christian son of Ernst Traugott Just and Wilhelmine Muller; Emma dau of Herman Lemke and Caroline Rachwitz >
Otto Theodore Just 1887-1965 m Henrietta Theresa Nitz > Norman Sydney Just 1921-2006 m 1944 Iris Olive Newman
Ellen Augusta Louisa Just 1888-1925
Maxmillian Edward Wilhelm Just 1890-1956 m Freda Annie Garrett 1897-1972 > Arnold William Theodore Just 1918-2017 m 1942 Verlie Tainton 1922-2000 who later art gallery dir Brisbane; Doris Joan Just 1919; Malcolm Edward Just 1920-93 army officer; Una Marjorie Just 1923-94; Muriel Patricia Just 1926-2006 m - Dowling; Ralph Ernest Just 1930-85
Falcion Amabel Just 1890
Agnes Just 1891
Clara Emma Just 1892
Olga Just 1893 m NSW 1917 Robert J Pearce
Edgar Oswald Just 1896-1956 m 1922 Ada Alice Kingston
Henry George Just 1899-1988 m 1931 Geneve Malachina Cuskelly 1911-2002
Frederick Easter Just 1901-73 m 1928 May Howell 1909-70 > Alan Theodore Just 1932-2013
Arthur Conrad Just 1902 m 1927 Elsie Clemesha
Leslie Stanley Dick Just 1903-1981 m 1922 Sarah Ashe
Freebert Sydney Just 1905


Friedrich Wilhelm Just 1803-69 & Friedrike Christiane Henriette Schubert (Just) 1813-89 from Neumark Silesia to South Australia, descendants also New South Wales, Western Australia

for much help given to site author 2006 from some descendants by request here unlisted. See also Biographical Index of South Australia 1836-1885 Vol II; SA BDM indices etc.

Friedrich Wilhelm Just b 1803 and Friedrike Christiane Henriette Schubert (Just)
b 1813 and at least five of their children emigrated to South Australia, at least two of the sons late 1850's, the remainder of the family 1862. They were from Neumark Silesia (Neumark Schliesen), a German speaking region of the then country Prussia (region later part of Germany, now of Poland). Friedrich and Friedrike were born there, and married 1835. In South Australia, they went to Bethel; Friedrich, a farmer, died there 1869. Bethel is north of Adelaide and then was mainly a farming community of German speakers of the Moravian tradition.
Excepting for son Carl August Just who went to New South Wales, the children and many further descendants remained nearby or further north around Petersburg (including Dawson, Terowie, Parnaroo) where from 1875 the government released land for purchase; Friedrike died there 1889. In 1917 Petersburg was renamed Peterborough.
Children and many of the descendants as follows.

Carl Heinrich Just 1836-1904 farmer d Terowie, known as Heinrich, Henry or Harry, naturalised 1865, m Bethel 1861 Christiane Auguste Purmann b Prussia 1843 (dau of Johann Gottfried Purmann 1804-90 b Silesia m Johanna Elizabeth Göbel 1809-51 came to SA) > Carl Heinrich Wilhelm Just 1862-1887, Anna Maria Just 1864-1947 (> Alfred Samuel Just 1884-1965 b Bethel m 1914 Alice Edith Fulton 1889-1967), Anna Maria Just m 1889 Carl Friedrich August Hennig 1868-1941 (> all b at Parnaroo, Ada Elizabeth Hennig 1890 m Shultze, Herbert Edward Hennig 1891, Vida Beatrice Hennig 1893 m Smith, Lillie May Hennig 1896 m Cheffirs, Percy Stanley Hennig 1902, Melvin Louis Hennig 1905), Ottilie Clara Just 1865-1934 b Bethel m 1886 Carl Hubert Meyers (> Elsa Susanna Meyers 1887 Bethel m John Nottle, Alma Olivia Meyers 1889 b at Dawson as were Herbert Leslie Meyers 1891, Rosa May Meyers 1893 m Arthur Walter Smart, Walter Edwin Meyers 1896, Clifford Melvin Meyers 1904), Bertha Emilie Just 1868 m Parnaroo 1887 Hugo Emil Roesner 1856-1924, Auguste Elisabeth Just 1870-1957 m Parnaroo 1890 Emile Oswald Johannes Gruhl 1861-1945 (> Lawrence Godfrey Gruhl 1892-1970, Leonard Llewellyn Seabrook Gruhl 1894-1966, Friedrich Wilhelm Gruhl 1898, Flora Josephine Gruhl 1903-1980 m FJ Lang, David Daniel Gruhl 1912), Anna Lydia Just 1876-1966 m Christopher William Rowland Betty (> Raymond Rowland Betty 1904, William Eugene Betty 1905), Albert Theodor Just 1881-1972 m 1911 Catherine Davies 1891-1967 (> Lance Albert Just 1919-2005), Alma Juliane Florentine Just 1883-1932 m John James Poole, Hugo Edwin Just 1885-1920 m 1910 Ethel Gertrude McKenzie 1883-1920 (> Oliver Edwin Just 1913-96 of Port Augusta m 1947 Cynthia Betty Eldret 1924-73, Ronald Garth Just 1914-86, Eric James Just 1917-88, Lois Enid Just 1920-94 see Margaret Aitchison rootsweb
Carl August Just 1837-1926; around 1870 settled near Jindera in southern New South Wales as had some other German speaking settlers from South Australia
tourisminternet; by 1872, known as August Just, a blacksmith at Huon, naturalised 1873, d at Jindera; m1 Jindera 1873 Emma Pollack (d 1873, dau of Henry and Henrietta ) > Adolfina Just b 1873-1900 m Jindera 1899 Thomas Butcher, Henrietta Christina Just 1873 d same year; m2 Jindera 1873 Mary Elizabeth (or Maria Elisabeth) Scholz 1856-1944 b SA > Carl (Charles) Friedrich Just 1876-1965 m Howlong 1905 Louise Anna Weule d 1942 (> Hilda Mary Just 1906 b Howlong, Elsie Just 1908, Otto August Just 1909-1992 m 1946 Grace Elva Wilson, Roy Charles Just 1926-2016), Emma Christiane Just 1880 b Howlong m Corowa 1901 Thomas Butcher junior. More at Aldyth Ikin rootsweb barling.
Carl Friedrich Just 1838-1925 farmer and wheelwright, by 1882 at Truro, m Tanunda 1867 Anna Louise Ullrich 1848-1937 b Royn, Prussia > Anna Caroline Henrietta Just 1867-1956 b Nairne d Mosman Park in Western Australia m Prospect 1891 William Henry East, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Just 1869-1933 as Charles Frederick William Just m Guildford near Perth Western Australia 1900 Eva Osborn 1877-1950, after early years at Truro, farmer and blacksmith Wagin WA to 1909 when settled on selected land Latham district 300 km north of Perth ( > Myrtle Irene Just 1900, Charles Osborn Just 1903, Eric Favin Just 1905-89, Thelma Eva Just 1907-62, Vernon William Just 1912-74), Friedrich Wilhelm Paul Just 1872-1948 m 1903 Lily Beatrice Turner 1885 (> Edgar William Roy Just 1903-62, Winifred Dolcie Just 1906, Albert Henry Frederick William Just 1911-66 d Vic, Melville William Just 1912-2004), Ernst Traugott Heinrich (Ernest Henry) Just 1874-1965 coachbuilder m 1913 Adelaide May Gurr 1880-1959, Ernst August Just 1877-1946 m 1908 Alice Campbell (> Gladys Ray Just 1909, Vivian Gerald Just 1915-46), Mary Louisa Christina Just 1879-82, Gustav Adolph Just 1882-1967 of Truro m Mary Dargan (> Clifton Malvern Just 1912-85), Hermann Carl Just 1885-1913 of Truro, Emma Elizabeth Just 1888 m James Elliott Hoy, Otto Edward Just 1891-1982 d SA, m Trafalgar in Victoria 1916 Violet Muriel White d 1985 SA (> Annie Elizabeth Just 1916).
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Just 1850-1925 farmer, naturalised 1913, m Stockport 1880 Wilhelmine Seekamp 1853-1917 (dau of Diedrich Seekamp and Minna Amelia nee Yoigt) > Ernst Alfred Just 1881-1945 b Bethel, Hilda Clara Just 1893-1969 b Petersburg m there 1919 William Charles Melville.
Anna Maria Caroline Just 1856-1938 m Bethel 1876 Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Hennig 1851-1936 > Augusta Friedrike Anna Hennig 1876-92, Adolphine Caroline Mathilda Hennig 1880 m 1908 J Spitty, Johanna Maria Emmaline Hennig 1882-1943 m R Shade, Emma Wilhelmina Alwine Hennig 1885 m Charles Edwards, Louise Amalie Frieda Hennig 1888 m 1913 Herbert Drew, Gertrude Cecilia Jane Hennig 1891 m 1913 Arthur Drew, Anna Hilda Rubine Hennig 1894 m Hoffman, Hilda Sylvia Elvira Hennig 1897 m1 Harold Barringer d 1939 Hilda m2 Worthley.


Christian Just 1809-82, Heinrich Just 1834-1916, Fritz Just 1838-1928 from Duchy of Brunswick to South Australia

Heinrich Christian Just
1834-1916, arrived SA 1862, was from Gittelde in Duchy of Brunswick (Braunschweig, later part of Germany). By 1867, he was a butcher known as H. Just at O'Connell st North Adelaide, shop and premises newly built 1883 The Register described as perhaps one of the best in the colonies; naturalised 1884; son of Christian Just (per m record) presumably the so-named d North Adelaide 1882 age 73. Heinrich Christian Just m Adelaide 1863 Bertha Vollbrecht 1835-95 > Christian August Wilhelm Just 1867 (probably the Fritz Just d 1911 Whim Creek, Western Australia 1700 km ne of Perth, fall from horse, butcher, said at time age 45, in WA about 9 years, b Adelaide, son of Heinrich Just butcher, dau Violet age 18: Y & K Coate More Lonely Graves of WA), Emil Barthold Adolf Just 1869-71, Carl Adolf Wilhelm Just 1875, Bruno Walter Charles (Kenneth) Just 1878-1947 butcher m North Adelaide 1935 Emma Louise Simpson 1887-1956.

Heinrich Carl Frederich (Fritz) Just 1838-1928, brother of Heinrich Christian Just, arrived SA 1878; butcher, c1888 as Frederick Just, Margaret st, North Adelaide; by 1898 dairyman at Prospect; m Johanna Dorothea Sophia - 1848-1926 >
William Just 1868-1913, named as Henry Just arrived SA 1882 via Victoria age 15; butcher. As Henry Just, m Adelaide 1888 Rose Edith McDonald 1871-1930. > with father named as William Just, all born at or near Adelaide: Rose Elizabeth Just 1888, William Just 1890-1968 m 1911 Rosalie Elizabeth Baynes 1893-1960 (> William Herman Just 1914-34), Herbert Fritz Just 1892-1984 racehorse breeder and owner m 1912 Amy Powell d 1973 (> Ernest Herbert Just 1912-93 m Margaret - ), Alfred Herman Ernie Just 1894-1906
Hermann Just 1870-1931 arrived SA 1882 via Victoria; like brother William, apprenticed to father, then with William employed by a butcher at Gouger st and Central Market, Adelaide which business they took over in 1906 as Just Brothers (Cyclopedia of SA 1907); m 1898 Annie Bertha Arnold 1874-1944
Marie Annie Just d 1943 m Herbert Joseph Backhouse 1860-1945
and probably the Frederick Just 1869 arrived SA 1882 via Victoria who probably was Friedrick Hermann Just d 1909 by 1899 miner at Gullewa in Western Australia 400 km north of Perth; m Perth 1900 Dorothea August Albertine Pohl d 1909 > Wilhelm Otto Just 1900, Walter August Just 1904 both b Lennonville 500 km north of Perth; Friedrick and Dorothea d at Murchison in that region.


More in New South Wales

Thomas Just
m Sydney 1842 Anne Byrnes

Herman J Just
1830?-1907 son of Julius Just and Caroline, probably the Hermann Just arr assisted Brisbane 1866 age 36, m Queensland 1872 Bertha Viewey d 1914, in Sydney region by 1882 > Henry Paul Just 1882-1960 m Mabel Louisa Preston 1883-1937 (> Henry P Just 1903, Thelma Just 1905), Oskar Herman Just 1887-1967 m 1909 Florence Davies d 1967 (> Vera Just 1908, Evelyn Just d 1923, Oscar Frederick Just d 1957), Gertrude M Just 1892 m 1910 William Walker

Norman Wolfgang Just 1897-1945, b Portishead, England, British Army ww1, arrived Sydney 1922, tobacco worker, AIF ww2, m Sydney 1931 Marjorie Ann Davey 1899-1991; son of Ulrich Wolfgang Just b 1863 m 1895 Beatrice Wright. Norman was grandson of Heinrich Wolfgang Just 1819-96 m 1853 Henrietta Dorothea Mohr 1831-1900 both from state of Württemberg (later part of Germany) where it is understood the Just family was of huguenot origin fled late 1600's from Saint-Just, France. Heinrich by 1854 was a teacher of German at Bristol, England. He wrote a book on German Grammar. Numerous children born in England included also (Sir) Hartmann Wolfgang Just 1854-1929, a senior member of British Colonial Office, who visited Australia 1914. Another was Adelheid Clara nee Just b 1871 - her daughter Doris Adeline nee Carter 1900-82 was an artist designer and teacher from 1939 living and working in Australia known as Ann Gillmore Rees, see further Susan Wood article 2008)

Friedrich (Frederick) Just 1899-1970 b Vienna, Austria, accountant, 1940 interned at Tatura, Victoria for being an Austrian citizen at Singapore; 1942 accepted into AIF; m Sydney 1942 Elsa Reschonsky d 1965

Zygmunt Stanislaus Just 1904-70 (arr Australia 1950?) related to? Karel Just 1911-66 (arr Australia 1950?)


Friedrich Wilhelm Julius Just 1850-1925 and Pauline Emilie Schriber (Just) 1849-1909 from Germany to New Zealand

Friedrich Wilhelm Julius Just
1850-1925 pic m Pauline Emilie Schriber 1849-1909 pic
, known as Emilie. Went to New Zealand with their child Carl on the Shakespeare, described as Wilhelm 24 labourer and Emilie 27, county Prussia, arriving Wellington 23 January 1876. They moved to the Manawatu where they set up business as market gardeners; they felled the bush to clear the land and then grew and sold vegetables, cut flowers and small fruit: from descendant Ronald W Just of Queensland e-mail site author 2008, see also his Just Family tribalp with pictures from which above 2 adapted also below of MB Just born 1880. FWJ Just was naturalised NZ citizen 1893. Death notices named him Julius Frederick William Just. An obituary said he had served in Franco-Prussian War and his hobby was paintings and curios. Further pic, thought FWJ Just and Emilie together.

They were from a region south east of Berlin. Wilhelm was from Sommerfeld (naturalisation) or Summerfeldt near Geoben (probate affidavit by son). Emilie according to Ronald Just was from Barenklau, Guben; he also points out that Sommerfeld was other name for Lubsko. These are nearby places, at time they left deeply within newly unified Germany, previously deeply within Prussia. Today Guben/Gubin is divided between Germany and Poland. Lubsko is in Poland; Barenklau in Germany.

Children and some further descendants

Carl Julius Just 1875-1958, born Germany, often known as Charles, of Palmerston N, by c1908 of Warkworth, later Whangarei, cement manufacturing worker m 1895 Isabella Forrester McMillan d 1955 > Margaret Nathalie Just 1896-1974 m 1912 Francis James Moore m2 1937 Cecil John Renwick 1889-1945; Amelia Hazel Isabella Just 1899-1976 m 1922 Cyrus Ezra Smith 1886-1969; Helena Forrester Just 1903-76 m 1921 Stanley George Johnston 1890-1928; Viola May Jean Just 1906-87 m 1926 Charles Joseph De Luca; Carl James Frederick Just 1914-2003 fruiterer m Ellen Wilkinson - 1917-98; Rose Nancy Daphne Just 1922-2004 m 1943 George Wilfred Lawrence Barber 1916-83. Carl Julius Just divorce 1939, m2 by 1946 Minnie Catherine - 1886-1961

Hugo Bruno Just 1878-1945 pic known as Bruno, of Palmerston N, market gardener, pioneer NZ kiwifruit industry, m 1900 Catherine Margaret Barry 1877-1964 > Frederick Richard Just 1901-87 nurseryman m 1931 Myra Clayton Finlay 1909-91 (> Barry Hugo Just 1937-2011); Agnes Ivy Myrtle Just 1904-82 m 1928 Mathias Kilburn Wolfsbauer 1898-1977 gdau Denise Wolfsbauer e-mail site author 2009; Edward Henry Just 1906-67 builder m 1929 Daisy Alma Wolfsbauer 1910-94; William Ernest Just 1908-89 nurseryman m 1939 Marjorie Lacy 1913-90

Max Bernhardt Just 1880-1925 pic of Palmerston N, market gardener, contractor, m 1907 Emma Jane Bassett 1888-1936. As James Maxwell m Sydney, Australia 1925 Kathleen Fear. Died Melbourne 1925, Victoria inquest Maxwell-Just death index James Anscerr Maxwell Just, NZ death notice. Children with Emma Jane (later mainly of Wellington region) > Nyleptha Pearl Just 1909-1962 m 1934 John Gage Lecky 1893-1973; Francis William Max Just 1911-61 plasterer m Lorna Mary Doreen - 1907-88 (> Sydney Eric Just 1931-2015, Ethel Florence Shirley Just 1930-2014 m Burn); Lionel Bernard Arthur Just 1912-86 plasterer m 1933 Doris Rebecca Moody 1915-85 (> Lionel Joseph Just 1934-2011 m 1956 Valerie Lois Deadman 1934-89); Mona Dorothy Just 1914-73 pic (> Francis Bernard Arthur Just 1933-2008; Ronald Wayne Just) m 1951 Alfred Matthew Hughes d 1975 lyndasim tribalp; Arthur Claude Just 1918-59 painter m 1938 Eugenie Archibald; Ivy Veronica Just 1920-2000 m 1947 Robert Arthur Bly

Arthur Wilhelm Just 1882-1947 of Palmerston N, nurseryman, florist m 1906 Ellen Taylor 1880-1966. At 1938, President New Zealand Horticultural Trades Association

Frederick William Julius Just 1884?-1963 pic, pic name as later recorded, probably birth indexed as Frank Wilhelm Just 1884, known as Bill, of Palmerston N, by 1914 Northland, 1919 Auckland 1919, by 1928 gardener, farmer at Te Hoe se of Auckland
m1 Herekino 1914 Edith Graham (Irimate Te Umuhuri) d 1918 > Frederick William Just 1914-86 pic m 1948 Jean Doris Dowrick 1925-2005; Edith Mavis Just 1917-17; Arthur Just 1918-18
m2 1921 Vera Isobell Kite 1900-84 (b Ohingaiti child of Frederick Kite and Mary Ann Ellen Hyde per m cert, originally from Nelson NZ) > Emily Gladys Just 1922-2000 m 1943 James Moana m2 1962 Peter Terapa Neilson 1915-82; Maxwell Bernard Just 1924-50 m 1946 Rose Ellen Hart; Carl Hugo Julius Just 1926-2005 pic adapt from fb Peter Just, m 1954 Gilda Lorrelle Margaret Holden d 1998; Ivy Gwendolen Just 1928-99 m 1949 Verdun Caleb Gollop 1920-73; Arthur William Just 1931-79 carpenter m 1955 Leonie Florence Mary Coningham; Helen Vera Just 1932 m 1957 Norman Gordon (Darby) Munro 1938-2015; Harold Bruno Just 1935-87 forest worker, farmer, of Hamilton, m 1958 Shirley Vivian Brightwell, son Kerry Just e-mails and pics to site author much assisting; Edward Leonard Just 1937-2013 m 1974 Acacia Sydney Elizabeth Hodgkinson 1921-96; Colin Brian Just 1939-40; Rod David Just 1942; Laurence Herbert Just 1944 m 1962 Kathleen Florence Nayler 1944-2003
pic Group c1955, pic 1957 FW (Bill) Just, Vera, Helen, Arthur, Emilie, Harold, Ivy, pic 1958 FW (Bill) Just, Vera, Harold B Just, Shirley

Viola Helene Just 1885-1953 of Palmerston N m 1910 Herbert Leslie Langford 1884-1970

Anna Emilie Just 1887-1954 of Palmerston N m 1907 Isaiah Danks Aston 1869-1934


Herbert Just 1888-1949 from England to New Zealand

Herbert Just 1888-1949 b Norwich, England, near which for generations there had been a Just family. Herbert was child of Robert Just m Sarah. NZ army ww1. Farm worker of Temuka, near Timaru. m NZ 1926 Catherine Greelish 1894-1977.


Riccardo Just b 1922 and Mira Bertocchi (Just) from Muggia province near Trieste to Australia

There is a Just family of Muggia province near Trieste, Italy, formerly Austria-Hungary. Riccardo Just (d Muggia 1944) and Clementina nee Kellner had a son Riccardo Just 1894-1989 painter, poet and musician. His son Riccardo Just b 1922, painter and flamenco jazz guitarist, emigrated to Aust 1954 with wife Mira nee Bertocchi and children (thanks to son Bruno Just e-mails to site author 2003 and son Paolo Just 2004).


Others include persons name Just to Australia and New Zealand since 1945 from (as now known) Germany, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, including Werner Otto Just d 1995 and Isolde Martha Just nee Plattner 1926-2008 emigrated to Aust 1952-5 from Germany, settled Morwell Vic, later Canberra. Also, Zenon Stanislaw (Stan) Just 1926-2014 settled Melbourne.


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