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site author Don Just, Melbourne, Australia

First part includes substance of manuscript passed down by site author's maternal grandmother Janet Gladys De Castro nee Lyne 1897-1982 of Melbourne, Australia said "from a manuscript Pedigree in my Possession, much relating to collateral branches of the family has been omitted. RNL 1922" and "copy made by Ernest W. Lyne". RNL was Robert Nunez Lyne 1864-1961; his brother Ernest Wilberforce Lyne 1866-1948 was father of Janet. More information and on-site linked pictures gathered by site author are here added.

Family is sometimes described as Lyne family of Liskeard after Cornwall place of old association.

The correctness of the manuscript account of link from Liskeard back to Ringwood is doubtful.

The main Australian branches of Lyne family of Liskeard commenced on migration to Victoria of (1) 1880's brothers Charles, Edward (later Western Australia) and Ernest Lyne and (2) 1868 second cousin Frederick Lewis Lyne.

There are other Lyne families of England and elsewhere of unknown, if any, relationship to the family of Liskeard; for most in Australia and New Zealand, details are provided.

Later parts of this site are on Cotton family of Ernest Lyne's mother; also on Coulter and Torrance families connected by marriage of Ernest Lyne to Mary Torrance.



with additional entries inside square brackets [ ] derived by site author from other sources.

The Visitations of Cornwall comprising The Heralds visitations of 1530, 1573 & 1620 cited with additions by Lieutenant Colonel J.L. Vivian
Part xx. Price 5/- Exeter: W. Pollard & Co. North Street
then pages of tree the substance of which is included below]


[LYNE OF RINGWOOD 1400's & 1500's]

[Researcher Richard Lyne, internet postings rootsweb, has pointed out the lack of proof that John Lyne m at Liskeard 1658, see below, descended from these Lyne of Ringwood. He states that William Lyne was b c1500, son of William Lyne b c1470 and Christina nee Alye; and that they had two sons called John. The younger John (would be the link the manuscript claims) d 1595, m Agnes Phettiplace d 1602. Richard Lyne founded Ringwood Grammar School 1577 d 1587. Henry Lyne d after 1586.]

William Lyne & Alice Warren

William Lyne
of Ringwood co. Southampton m Alice dau of... Warren. Children: Richard Lyne of Chichester m Anne daughter of Sir John Guildford, Henry Lyne (son was Thomas Lyne) and John Lyne.

CHILDREN of John Lyne d 1595 & [Agnes Phettiplace]

John Lyne, Richard Lyne, Stephen Lyne, Rodger Lyne, William Lyne and Tamessir Lyne [manuscript has a broken line below Richard leading to John Lyne who married at Liskeard 1658. By account of Richard Wadham Lyne 1923-2001, Richard to John is presumed relationship.]
[Richard Lyne d 1599 m 1585 Eleanor Venables > Richard Lyne 1587-1653. Possible link to Venables Lyne m Canterbury 1652.
Rodger (or Roger) Lyne d 1594 Flanders, m Westminster 1582 Ann (or Anne) Heigham 1569-1601 canonised 1970 by Roman Catholic Church as St Anne Lyne (or Line) of the forty martyrs of England > John Lyne.
Sources compilation of researcher Richard Lyne rootsweb & at, also]



unknown] Lyne & unknown

John Lyne [b 1631?] married 16 Sept 1658 at Liskeard Joan Moore dau of John Moore of Liskeard & grand-daughter of Sir Nicholas Wadham father of John Wadham whose son Nicholas founded Wadham College. Oxford. [cannot be correct: Sir Nicholas d 1541; John d 1577; Nicholas of Wadham College lived 1532-1609. The account of Charles R.W. Lyne, Lyne Family History, whose family branch to this day often carries Wadham name, is that John Moore m Mary Wadham. Was Mary grand-daughter of Nicholas 1532-1609? John Moore might have been gg grandson of Sir Nicholas d 1541 via dau Elizabeth.]



CHILDREN of John Lyne b c1631 & Joan nee Moore

1. John Lyne b 1662 at Liskeard [d 1734 Liskeard] m Christian [Hambly, Hambley or Hamley 1665-aft 1737] dau of [Thomas] Hambly [b 1641] of Poole in Menheniot [and Mary b 1641; Thomas child of William Hambly c1615-1637 Menheniot and Catherine Burden m Menheniot 1637: source A Wolf db].

2. Richard Lyne b 1663 at Liskeard Rector of Pangbourne Co Berks. [m Eleanor: source A Wolf db. According to IGI, Richard Lyne and Ruth of Pangbourne > John Lyne 1691, Richard Lyne 1692, William Lyne 1693, Elizabeth Lyne 1695, John Lyne 1696, Philip Lyne 1701.]

3. Phillip Lyne of Liskeard, town clerk of the borough of St Teath
1704 John Lyne son of Phillip town clerk of the borough of St Teath 1763 [m 1736 Eleanor Jarrett].
Phillip Lyne son of John. D.D. of Oriel College Oxford vicar of Mevagissey m 1764 Mary dau of Admiral Hall RN > John Lyne b 1765 an officer in the army d 1793 at Exeter, Phillip Lyne of Suffenton Manor [in St Teath] [and] Torfrey b 1768 Captain RN was at the battle of the Nile d [1823] at Torfrey m 1800 Ann [1773-1821] da of Oliver Slyman of Pervaine in St Sampson's d at Torfrey, George Lyne b 1770 d same year at Liskeard, Thomas Jones Lyne RN b 1771 d 1799 at Bermuda, Jernima b 1772 mar 1791 to William Waldon Martyn of Stratton High Sheriff of Somerset, Harriet Lyne b 1774 mar to Thomas Graham of Penquite High Sheriff of Cornwall, Charles Lyne b 1776 clerk in Holy Orders of Wadham College Oxford d 1817 m 1805 Harriet, Edward Lyne b 1778 d 1780.
Charles Lyne 1776-1817 and Harriet > Harriet Lyne b 1808 m Digby Latimer of Headington Oxford Bar at Law, Emma Jarrett Lyne b 1816 m 1850 Sturwer Latimer of Headington Oxford. Trinity College at Cambridge, Phillip Edward Lyne b 1811 d 1846 S.P. m Elizabeth Trafford da of William Mam- [?] of Lancashire.
[George Lyne, another son of John Lyne of St Teath, b 1741 m 1765 Sarah Furnival, grandson Henry Parsons Lyne 1838-1917 (son of Jarret Lyne) settled Ontario, Canada where descendants: see with more A Wolf db.]



CHILDREN of John Lyne 1662-1734 & Christian nee Hambly

1. Richard Lyne [1691-1744, attorney] of Liskeard m [1721] Jane Stephens [b 1694] dau of Lewis Stephens, vicar of Menheniot descended from the family of Stephens of Burderopp Co Wilts. Buried at Saltash opposite the pulpit. [Lewis Stephens 1653-1724, of Exeter College Oxford, vicar Menheniot 40 years, botanist, son of Lewis Stephens of Braunton from 1660 surveyor to dean and chapter Exeter Cathedral m Rachel Naylor d 1713, dau of Oliver Naylor c1628-1705 prebendary of Exeter and rector of Tavistock: source J Roberts book & to site author.]

[AND Sarah Lyne 1692-1737, Jane Lyne-1694-1731 m 1724 William Quiller, Christian Lyne, AND according to will of Sarah a cousin Christian Coad, seemingly having been a different Christian nee Lyne m 1723 John Coad, child of a John Lyne m Catherine Hambly, giving kinship to Sarah on her mother's side and also probably though less closely on her father's).]



CHILDREN of Richard Lyne 1691-1744 & Jane nee Stephens

1. John Lyne 1723-91 b at Liskeard. Of University College. Oxford. Rector of St. Ive. Large stone memorial in chancel [memorial *pic & *pic courtesy of Lynda Small. Oxford student 1741-44, curate/chaplain Saltash 1746-54, St. Ive 1754-91, master Liskeard Grammar School 1764-85, source J Roberts book & to site author].
m1 Amy daughter of John Tucker of Crediton Devon, widow of Nathaniel Swetman mar 1748 at Saltash CHILD John Lyne 1756-1818, rector of Latton Wilts d at Dolton m Martha Keybreak. CHILDREN of John Lyne 1756-1818 and Martha were Lewis Stephens Lyne, Accountant General of Inland Revenue, d 1858 m [1827] Catherine Jackson; Mary Ann Lyne m1 William Ware m2 William Stone; Charles Lyne b at Stratton 1790 d 1861 in London m Martha da of Wm Molloy at Ipswich [> Charles Lyne 1820-1901 of Newport Wales, naval officer, time in Malta, m Matilda Smyth > incl Charles Robert Virgil Lyne 1848-1917 b Malta solicitor m 1881 Janet Davies (> Charles Lyne 1891, Lewis Owen Lyne 1899-1970 army officer), Herbert Lyne 1853-1903 m Jane O'Brien in India, d Wellington, New Zealand (> incl Robert Francis Lyne 1885-1957 of Bristol), John Arthur Lyne 1855 land agent, Horace Sampson Lyne 1860 solicitor Newport, William Owen Lyne 1862, Ernest Lewis Lyne 1866 (> Cecil Lewis Lyne 1887-1979)]
John Lyne 1723-1791
m2 Jane Mitchell [or Mitchel or Michell, c1727-94, m 1760] dau of William Mitchell [and Jane] of Liskeard.

2. Rachel Lyne b 1726 m cousin Benjamin Tucker 1759 St Ive]



CHILDREN of John Lyne 1723-1791 & Jane nee Mitchell

1. Richard Lyne 1760-1834 [*pic from Charles R.W. Lyne]. Of Exeter College. Oxford. Rector of Little Petherick Cornwall [succeeded father as master Liskeard Grammar School, later private teacher, Greek and Latin scholar: J Roberts book] m [1788] Mary Arundell James dau of John James [d 1814] of Rosemundy St Agnes [Mary b 1767] d 1813 [and Mary Arundell m 1761 at Stoke Damerel, Devon].

2. Charles Lyne (Stephens) 1764-1851 of Chicksands Priory Bedfordshire. Assumed the name of Stephens by Royal Decree 1826 & letters patent 1828 under the will of his cousin John James Stephens of Lisbon [Lisboa] d 1851 at Roehampton; m [1797] Wilhelmina Augusta da of [William] Tonkin of Lisbon & Cornwall d in Portman Sq bur 1820 at Sth Marylebone.
Jenifer Roberts Glass: The Strange History of the Lyne Stephens Fortune (2003) is a brilliantly told history on this part of the Lyne family c1750-1908; mention by Charles RW Lyne. It explains that Jane nee Stephens, grandmother of Charles Lyne 1764-1851, had link with Portugal going back at least to her brother John Stephens 1690-1767, merchant in Lisbon. Charles Lyne went there 1778 to work for merchant Lewis Stephens 1744-95, son of another of his grandmother's brothers, and remained until 1803. In 1826, John James Stephens, a brother of Lewis Stephens, died leaving a fortune to Charles from a profitable glass factory in Portugal earlier built up by another brother, William Stephens 1731-1803. Charles changed his family name to Lyne Stephens. On his death 1851, his fortune passed to son Stephens Lyne Stephens who died 1860, his fortune passing as to income to widow Yolande, after her death residue to be for such issue of his four uncles as living at his decease share and share alike. Yolande Lyne Stephens funded solely construction of Church of Our Lady and the English Martyrs, Cambridge, completed 1890. She died 1894; by 1908 distribution of residue amongst 93 beneficiaries was finalised by Chancery. See further especially on Yolande, Jenifer Roberts The Beauty of her Age: A Tale of Sex, Scandal and Money in Victorian England (2016)].

3. Joseph Lyne b 1766 at Castle Hill d 1823 at Liskeard m 1796 Charlotta Anglia da of Francis Arboin, Minister Plenip and envoy extraordinary at Portugal 1796 d 1810 at Plymouth; m 1815 Elizabeth Baretta of Lisbon Portugal d 1820 in London.
[Joseph Lyne went to Portugal 1782 to work for Lewis Stephens and returned to England with family 1807. Children included
John James Lyne 1797-1851
Francis Lyne 1800-88 m 1835 Louisa Genevieve Leycester > Francis Palmer Lyne 1836-87; Joseph Leycester Lyne "Father Ignatius" 1837-1908, evangelist monk, founded an Anglican Benedictine order, essay D. Morse-Boycott:, *pic, *pic caricature.
Richard Benjamin Lyne 1803-99 settled in Brazil
Lewis Jedidiah Lyne 1806 became mine clerk at Burra in copper region of South Australia, d 1861 at Koolinga, Burra.
compiled from A Wolf db, J Roberts book, lynerparishes etc]

AND other children [including Edward Lyne 1767-1833 merchant of Plymouth m 1794 Sarah Millett > John Millett Lyne 1795-1873, Jane Lyne 1768, Mary Lyne 1772, William Lyne 1774-1852 merchant of Liverpool Lancs m 1800 Mary Newman > Charles Newman Lyne 1805 Liverpool d 1851 Mt Piper near Melbourne Australia - found dead in the Mallee scrub - seemingly small-scale sheep farmer, Joseph Lyne 1810-1900 shipowner Liverpool m 1840 Annabella Nicholson Hort 1810-42 (> Annabella Hort Lyne 1841-1927, Mary Georgina Hort Lyne 1843-88, Josephine Starbuck Hort Lyne 1845-1927, Joseph William Hort Lyne 1849-1932), Sarah Lyne 1775 m William Kempe, Elizabeth Lyne 1778, Philadelphia Lyne 1779, Lewis Lyne 1780-1847 of Liskeard. compiled from A Wolf db, J Roberts book and to site author.]



CHILDREN of Richard Lyne 1760-1834 & Mary Arundell nee James

1. Christian Mary Lyne 1789[-1868] m 1815 at Liskeard to Peter Goodman Glubb [1788-1868 attorney at law, Cornwall, partner of her brother Benjamin].

2. Virgil Stephens Lyne b 1791 [seems settled Cheshire, d 1871] m [1851] Christian da of William Lyne [uncle of Liverpool].

3. Mary James Lyne 1792[-1876] m 1821 to Rev John M Glubb [1791-1871] of St Petrox Dartmouth.

4. Mary Ecclesia Lyne 1795[-1888] m [1837] the Reverend Nicholas Ford Chudleigh. Rector of St Columb Minor [> Edward Reginald Chudleigh 1842-1922 settled New Zealand 1862].

5. Lewis Stephens Lyne [1797-1868] m [London 1823] Susan Dixon da of Thomas Dixon of Billericay Essex, d at Chelsea.
[Lyne via Portland, Victoria, Australia
Frederick Lewis Lyne 1827-98 from London, solicitor, arr Vic 1868, settled at Portland, son of Lewis Stephens Lyne and Susan Dixon, m London 1864 Eliza Hutton, m2 Portland 1875 Anne Trangmar 1853-1932 b Coleraine Vic > Frederick James Trangmar Lyne 1880-1928 solicitor Tallangatta Victoria, see Malcolm Ronan Old Tallangatta (1995) m Elizabeth McDonald (> Ann Dorothy Lyne 1919-2014 m 1942 Clive Carlile), Lewis Stephens Lyne 1881-99, Charles Stephens Lyne 1882-1914, Florence Stephens Lyne 1883-1968, Henry Stephens Lyne 1885-1956 Military Cross 1918, engineer, res by 1956 Lakes Entrance m 1929 Freda Beryl Doman 1907-87 (> Henry Stephens Lyne 1931-58), Francis Stephens Lyne 1888-1942.]

6. Benjamin Hart Lyne b 1800 of Wadham House Liskeard [solicitor, d 1844] m Elizabeth Hingstone Rawle da of William Rawle of Liskeard [> incl Richard Stephens Lyne 1834-99 m 1868 Mary Elizabeth Nicholas (> Richard Arundel Lyne 1870-1955); Charles Lyne 1841-1922 m 1868 Caroline Harrisson (> Charles Wadham Lyne 1875-1960 > Richard Wadham Lyne 1923-2001 > Charles R.W. Lyne who has family history page; Henry Everson Lyne 1880-1965)].

7. Charles Lyne 1802-73 [d Newton Abbot 21 May 1873, *pic from Charles R.W. Lyne, of St John's Coll Cambridge, by 1829 of West Meon, Hampshire.] Rector of Roche [1834-40] & Tywardreath [1840-6, 1851-62]. Prebendary of Exeter [1843], JP of Cornwall. bur at Chudleigh Devon. [Responsible for erection National School, Tywardreath: justus.anglican.]
Charles m [St Maurice, Winchester 1829] Harriet Nunez [1793-1848] dau of Aaron Fernandez Nunez [1769-1829 *pic m 1786 Rachel Henriques de Castro 1770-1843 *pic d Southampton] of Old Alresford [and] Portugal. Was a refugee via Brussels from the Napoleonic Wars. Was present at the famous Brussels ball the night before Waterloo. Said to be buried in... of Winchester Cathedral. Harriet d 2 May 1848 bur at Chudleigh, Devon [where memorial Charles and Harriet].
[Aaron Fernandez Nunez, by 1827, was of Belmont in the county of Southampton, heretofore of Amsterdam. He was child of Joseph Fernandes Nunes 1721-88 (will as Nunez proved in England) m 1751 Ribca Belmonte 1732-93 (will proved in England), both of Portuguese Jewish community of Amsterdam where Joseph bequeathed a house for use of poor Portuguese Jewish women, plaque to him now again displayed amsterdamsegevelstenen. Joseph was child of Aron Fernandes Nunes b 1686 Trancoso, Portugal m Amsterdam 1718 Rachel Salvador b 1697. Rachel Henriques de Castro was born Amsterdam of Portuguese Jewish family, child of Moses Henriques de Castro 1741-97 *pic as Mozes from Jewish Hist Mus Amsterdam m 1769 Ester de Pinto 1733-87; Moses was child of David Henriques de Castro d 1779 (will proved in England) from Bayonne, France, to Amsterdam c1739, established trade business D.H. de Castro and Sons continued for generations, m 1739 Sarah Henriques Ferreira b 1722.
Other children of Aaron and Rachel were Esther Nunez d 1859, m 1822 William Henry Heysham 1787-1852, Rebecca Nunez d 1859, m 1822 Roger Robert Tichborne 1792-1849, Louisa Nunez m George Colin Oliver, Emma Nunez m Andrew Crawford.]

[AND, per A Wolf db etc, Joseph Lyne 1804-51 of Liskeard, Philadelphia Mary Lyne 1807 (d 1808 St Ive), Jane Lyne, Edward Lyne 1810-50 m 1836 Elizabeth Loney Lawrence.]



CHILDREN of Charles Lyne 1802-73 & Harriet nee Nunez

[1. Charles Joseph Nunez Lyne 1832 Little Petherick d at 1 day: nat bur index]

2. Charles Richard Nunez Lyne [1834-1904] of Exeter College Oxford, Rector of St Johns Oxford [letters to The Times 3, 8, 11 April 1878 on whether family and other links to "Father Ignatius" Lyne see above, Rev C.R.N. Lyne denied link in doctrinal matters; 1881 Clergyman Without Cure Of Souls, Cheltenham Gloucester; naval chaplain. m Cheltenham 1859 Hellen (Helen) Emma Sinclair 1834-1915 > Helen Harriet Stephens Lyne 1860-1935, De Castro Elizabeth Lyne 1864-1951 in 1881 at Ladies Private School Walcot in Somerset m Bath 1892 Edmund Ironside Ward, Charles Virgil Nunez Lyne 1867-1949, Marion Arundel Hackman Lyne 1869-1954 m 1899, Richard Fernandez Lyne 1872-1956 m 1906 May Allen > Richard Oliver Nunez Lyne 1908 schoolmaster Latin > R.O.A.M. (Oliver) Lyne 1944-2005 classics professor. Compiled by site author from Census, FreeBMD, etc.]

3. De Castro Fisher Lyne 1835-1917 ["Cassie", *pic 1914 from Sharon Lyne]. of Steartfield Paignton Devon, Barrister at Law Middle Temple. Of Trinity College Cambridge. JP for Co of Devon [from 1866]. Born at Roche June 27 1835. [to bar 1859, barrister on western circuit, by 1871 magistrate, 1881 in firm of stockbrokers Exeter: source J Roberts to site author.] Married 1857 Penelope Wheler Cotton d Paris 1900 [b 1834, m 1857 at Shemanbury Sussex, divorce 1874, more on Penelope Wheler Cotton and ancestry below. 1861 family at Cathedral yard, Exeter; 1871 Heartfield House, Paignton; 1881 De Castro with the children, Tona West Cliff; 1891 and 1901, De Castro, barrister, 67 Upper Tollington pk, Hornsey.] D in London Ap 21 1917. bur Abney Park Cem.

[4. Arundel James Lyne 1840-2]



CHILDREN of De Castro Fisher Lyne 1835-1917 & Penelope Wheler nee Cotton

1. Harriet Agnes Penelope Lyne 1860 d France 1907, m India [Mussoorie] 1884 Neville Alexander Gibbs o of Gen [John] Innis Gibbs > Ethel Florence Innis Gibbs b 1885 d 1894 at Southampton, Neville Ernest Innis Gibbs b 1886 Bombay, fought in the Great War with the Australian Imp Forces, Cyril Arundel Gibbs b 1887 in India [Calcutta. Neville and Cyril came to Australia to be with uncle Charles; Neville d 1969 Castlemaine Vic; Cyril settled at Geelong, d 1976; both had early time in Western Australia: source Neville Riddock e-mails to site author].

2. Charles John De Castro Lyne 1861[-1923 *pic. in 1881 sea apprentice, arr Victoria 1882 ship Sydenham, passenger] m Melb 1883 Martha Greenhill [1864-1940, was with parents Amos and Mary on voyage which brought Charles to Vic. Resided briefly at St Kilda then Geelong region where by 1899 farmer, Moolap. c1914 farmed near Shepparton. Charles d 1923 res Curlewis, bur Eastern Cem, Geelong]. > Lilian Frances Lyne b St Kilda 1884 [-1908 *pic  m 1905 Robert Clarence Waugh 1885-1959], Robert Ernest Lyne b West Geelong 1888 kia Belgium 1917 [m 1911 Amelia Sarah Webb b 1892], Gertrude Mary Lyne 1890[-1959 m Geelong 1912 Charles Rehobath Robinson], Agnes Christian Lyne b 1896, Ellen Louisa Lyne 1898-[1977 m 1924 Allan Gifford Best], John Edward De Castro Lyne 1900[-86 carpenter, AIF ww2, m 1942 Martha Swindells 1900-84, res Geelong], Frederick [Richard] Amos Lyne 1902-[54, res Melb, AIF ww2, m 1931 Gladys Mary Ann Provis > Cyril Lionel Lyne 1919.]

3. Edith Alexandra Lyne 1863-68.

4. Robert Nunez Lyne b Paignton 1864[-1961*pic c1900,*pic from Sharon Lyne 1914 Ceylon rubber ex London. Arr New Zealand 1882]. of Canterbury College [Christchurch, Bloxham and Canterbury Agricultural College.] university of New Zealand F.L.S., F.R.G.S., Z.G.S. [Scientific agriculturist; 1896 Dir of Agriculture, Zanzibar; 1902 reported on the agricultural prospects of the Uganda Railway; subsequently lent to Portuguese Govt to reorganize dept of agriculture, Mozambique, 1910 Dir of Agriculture there;1912 Dir of Agriculture, Ceylon and 1915 first principal School of Tropical Agriculture, Ceylon, edited Tropical Agriculturalist from 1912 to 1916; wrote Zanzibar in Contemporary Times 1905 re-printed 1969, 2001; Mozambique: Its Agricultural Development 1913 dedicated "to my cousin Edward Reginald Chudleigh, of Cornwall England; a pioneer of New Zealand; with affectionate memories", The Church of St Peter-in- the-East, Oxford, An Apostle of Empire 1936 and other works. Robert like ER Chudleigh had time at Chatham Islands, NZ. Later life in England, by 1938 at Bath, d 21 June 1961, obit The Times (London), bio D Wisumperuma The Nation (Colombo) 27 May 2012]. m [London 1919] Hilda Bailey [1887-1935] > [stepson] Lionel Francis Herbert 1906-77 from m Hilda and Lionel Derrick Haddow Herbert, John Robert Cotton Lyne b 1920[-38 d. domestic gas accident,*pic from memorial booklet by RNL].

5. Edward Arundel Lyne 1865[-1931 b Paignton, m Melbourne 1885 Frances Catherine Hill [1862-1910. Edward arr Vic 1882, leased Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy 1890, settled WA 1896, bookmaker, had billiard saloon 449a Hay st, Perth 1899, commission agent 1913, dealer Carnarvon 1925. Frances d Perth 1910, Edward d Perth 1931. > Catherine Georgina Agnes Lyne b Melbourne 1887-1969 m Perth 1905 William Hollis Hills 1880-1941 (> 7 children) *pic and help from grand-daughter Jennifer O'Donough, Wellington NZ, Penelope Ilene Ivy Lyne 1891-1975 m Perth 1914 Alfred Bonner 1890-1968 (> 2 children) res Perth *pic and help from Georgia Thompson. Edward Arundel Lyne m2 Perth 1916 Catherine Chapman 1862-1944.]

6. Ernest Wilberforce Lyne b Paignton 1866[-1948*pic c1917,*pic,*pic from Sharon Lyne. AIF 1939-40 until true age found,*pic his caption "The oldest man serving 1940",*pic family group c1943. arr Victoria 1889 from Colombo, ship Lusitania] m Melb 1896 [Mary Elizabeth Garrett] Torrance [manuscript has "Marie" as often known; more on Mary (Marie) Torrance (Lyne) and ancestry below.] Served with AIF in Egypt & Palestine during the Great War [1st Remount Unit sergeant major. Earlier 5 years Imp military service; to WA c1893 where sold his goldmine at Coolgardie 1896; motor car trade traveller, manager, garage proprietor working and residing in vicinity of St Kilda junction. d Melb 1948, bur Brighton Cem].

7. Lillian Emily Lyne b Paignton 1869[-1950, *pic *pic both c1945? England] m 1894 in London to Frederick William Pasco [1863-1945 usually Pascoe] of Lismore St Leonard's Sussex > Frederick Lyne Pascoe 1895[-1970].



CHILDREN of Ernest Wilberforce Lyne 1866-1948 & Mary nee Torrance

1. Janet Gladys De Castro Lyne 1897[-1982 of Melbourne. maternal grandmother of site author, *pic c1915, *pic c1920, *pic 1947, *pic 1978, m 1920 Richard Henry Holmes Tyas 1894-1974].

2. Hamilton De Castro Lyne 1898[-1964]. Served in the AIF during the Great War. [*pic c1918, motor mechanic and supervisor, settled Bendigo, m 1927 Doris Walton Robinson 1901-83 > Doris (Judith) Lesley Lyne 1932-86 m Alan Ernest Wright].

3. Ernest Nunez Lyne b Melbourne 1900[-82 later res Geelong, North Balwyn and, after AIF 1941-5, manager in rubber and tyre industry 25 yrs then from 1948 Healesville motor garage proprietor, Healesville shire councillor]. m 1923 Katherine Dawson 1900-62 dau of Wm Dawson, Gippsland Aust.[*pic *pic c1960 from Sharon Lyne, and *pic 1952 > Alan Ernest Lyne 1927-2015, Ronald Noel Lyne 1929-2018. EN Lyne m2 Mabel Reid d 2005].



Charles R.W. Lyne
Lyne Family History
Charles, of Gloucestershire, descendant of Richard Lyne 1760-1834 via Benjamin Hart Lyne 1800-44, has images also extra information.

Charles R.W. Lyne visiting site author Don Just at Melbourne 2009
*pic1 *pic2.

Alison Wolf
Rootsweb Lynes of Cornwall database
formerly on internet had much information on the Lyne families including that primarily subject of this site. It has much more.

Other Lyne families of Australia & New Zealand

The relationship of these families, if any, to the Lyne family primarily subject of this site or to each other is unknown to the site author.


The largest Lyne group in Australia is descended from William Lyne 1781-1854 born Little Compton, Gloucestershire, and Sarah nee Bishop 1786-1873, arr 1826 Hobart Tasmania (Van Diemen's Land).

According to descendant Lois Nyman (nee Lyne) The Lyne Family History (Hobart 1976) the ancestry traces back to farmers around Little Compton and earlier Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire thus: William Lyne 1781-1854 son of John Lyne 1753-1815 m 1775 Betty Curtis 1755-1827, son of Thomas Lyne 1725-1812 m Jeane Mansell 1732-1782, son of Henry Lyne b 1678 m Catherine Lea 1688-1759, son of John Lyne 1644/5-1704 m Dorothy -, son of Mathew Lyne b 1593, son of John Lyne d 1595 m Julian -.

William and Sarah brought with them to Tasmania
their 5 children: John, William, Elizabeth, Henry and Susannah. There have been numerous descendants in Tasmania and other parts of Australia, including once renowned William John Lyne who was New South Wales Premier and Minister in early Commonwealth.

John Lyne
1810-1900 b Lambeth, Tas MP tasparl/lynej177 m 1843 Lillias Cross Carmichael Hume 1826-90, m2 1891 Martha Murray 1832-1919. John and Lillias >
William John Lyne 1844-1913 b Apslawn, Tas adb/A100177b, m Tas 1875 Martha Coates Shaw 1843-1903, settled southern New South Wales 1875, NSW State Premier 1899-1901, first Australian Parliament as Federal Minister 1901-8 > Anne Fenton Lyne 1871 m NSW 1898 Marcus McCausland, Lillias Cross Carmichael Lyne 1873-1961 m NSW 1897 Harry Carey, John Lyne 1877-1948 m NSW 1904 Ella Turton (> mainly of Sydney area, William John Lyne 1905 m1 1940 Madeline Fleeting 1906 m2 1949 Noreen Stanton d 1972, Max Trevor Lyne 1907-99 m 1934 Sheila Goddard d 2000, Terence Turton Lyne 1910-87 m 1939 Dorothy Alice Hill d 1989, James Mansell Lyne 1912 m 1940 Marjorie Joyce Bonner), Victoria Lyne 1879-1939 m 1912 Cuthbert Featherstonhaugh. William John Lyne m2 Sarah Olden 1869-1961 > Dorothy Lyne 1906 m NSW 1930 Guy Brown
Bishop Lyne 1848 - 1908 Narrabri NSW, m Tas 1871 Emma Lavinia Bennett > incl Herbert J H Lyne b Tas 1872 d 1942 Taree NSW m Sydney 1907 Coral May Swanson d 1958, Vivian Francis Lyne b Orange NSW 1884 d 1951 Sydney m Sydney 1909 Harriet H Noble
Charles Lyne 1849 Tas - 1934 Melbourne m Vic 1891 Maud May Kennedy 1866-1947, at Wagga NSW > Clive Lyne 1892, Eric John Lyne 1905-65 m Melbourne 1934 Dorothy Chuter
Clarence James Quartus Lyne 1855-1923 Tas, m Victoria 1878 Lilias Childe Murray
Carmichael Inlach Lyne 1861-1929 Tas MP and Minister tasparl/lynec252 m 1885 Alice Jane Walch > Arthur Crosby Carmichael Lyne 1887-1952.

William Gladwin Lyne 1811-89 b Lambeth, m 1841 Caroline Amos 1820-70; m2 1872 Martha Amos 1819-1907 > incl
James Lyne 1848-1918 m 1880 Lizzie Walch 1858-1944 > William James Walch Lyne 1886-1942 m2 Beatrice Pike (> Gordon Lyne 1919-86 of NSW, John Lyne 1922-90 m Nairda Cole 1929-84 children's author, Peter Lyne 1923-89)
Frederick W Lyne 1850-1923 of Tas m 1875 Flora Margaret Lyne, cousin see below > Walter Douglas Lyne 1875 Tas m Mildred Helen Walters 1890 Tas - 1964 Vic (> b Vic, James Alexander Lyne 1910-69 metal worker m 1948 brother's widow Joyce Isabel Carroll 1914-2016 > Barbara Joy Lyne 1953-73, Hugh Frederick Lyne 1914-79 of Mildura, Lewis John Lyne 1918-43 kia RAAF New Guinea m Joyce Isabel Caroll), William Henry Lyne 1879-1950, Flora Mary Lyne 1882-1973, Frederick John Lyne 1885-1917 kia France
Lewis Walter Lyne 1855-1929 m Tas 1880 Rosina Amos > Thomas Henrich Lyne 1892-1942.

Elizabeth Lyne 1818-95 b Lambeth, m 1854 William Wilson Hume > incl Sarah Lillias Hume 1857-1921 m 1876 Henry Richard Lyne 1849-1906 cousin see below.

Henry Richard Lyne
1819-75 b Lambeth, m Hobart 1839 Mary Amos 1814-76 >
Sarah Lyne 1840 d Melbourne 1926, m 1865 William Henry Bennett
Mary Elizabeth Lyne
1841 d Melbourne 1923, m 1862 Edwin Browne
Augustus Lyne 1843-1910 m Tas 1874 Laura Louise Elizabeth Hume, settled by 1882 Nyngan NSW > Romer Henry Augustus Lyne 1875-1946 m 1900 Lavinia Pass (> Mavis A N Lyne 1907 m 1934 Robert Gates, Roma L Lyne 1908), Alice Flora Lyne 1882 m 1908 William Carr-Boyd, Cecil Oscar Lyne 1887-1954 m 1916 Annie Buist, Vera Lyne 1889-1974 m 1914 William B Geddes, Victor Harold Davison Lyne 1892-1915 kia Gallipoli
Albert Lyne 1846-1912 m Tas 1870 Louisa Phillipson > Henry George Leslie Lyne 1871-1936 m Mary Elizabeth Wortham (> Brewis Cameron Lyne 1900-86), Percy Lyne 1874-1954, Albert Vernon Lyne 1880-1956, Reginald Barlee Lyne 1882-1960
Henry Richard Lyne 1849-1906 m 1876 Sarah Lillias Hume 1857-1921, cousin see above > mostly of Tas, Douglas Morton Lyne 1877-1902 kia S Af, Mina Una Lyne 1881-1950, Claude Hume Lyne 1885-1916 AIF France d illness m 1909 Helena Annie Bryce, Gwendoline Elizabeth Lyne 1886, Vere Lyne 1888-1949 of Tas m 1913 Vera Von Bibra (> Donald Patrick Lyne 1914-91, Eric Elbert Claude Lyne 1916-85 d Moe Vic m Mavis Bartley d 1989, Barnaby Roxley Lyne 1918-2007 m Linda Mary Walters later to Qld grandson Tony Marshall assistance to site author 2012, Lois Lyne 1919-2010 m 1953 Evert Hendrik Nyman 1925- 2010), Eileen Edna Lyne 1894 m Eric Reed, Thora Clare Lyne 1898-1958
Flora Margaret Lyne 1853-1936 m 1875 Frederick W Lyne, cousin see above.

Susannah Lyne
1821-94, m Hobart 1839 Adam Amos 1807-34.

Compiled from rootsweb databases especially the formerly on internet origins Amos family, also 4hydest, BDM indices etc. See also

Australia and New Zealand

William Lawrence (Laurence) Lyne 1806-80 b Sussex and Elizabeth nee Lawson, m Alverstoke 1827, arr New Zealand, April 1842, settling Nelson. William d 1880 Victoria, Australia. He was son of Capt Thomas Lyne, grandson of John Lyne ch Ringwood, Hampshire 1722 and Elizabeth Lawrence m 1757 Shaftesbury, Dorset and thought to be great grandson of Joseph Lyne of Ringwood 1697-1768 m 1717 Elizabeth (source rootsweb postings of Richard Lyne). He had a brother Ethelbert Lyne b 1813. William and Elizabeth came to NZ with 7 children, below, b Westbourne, Sussex.

William Lawrence Lyne 1828-1905 d Feilding region.
George Thomas Harrison Lyne 1830-1900.
some Feilding region descendants
Ethelbert Lyne 1861-1950 b Waimea East, Nelson d Feilding m Rangitikei 1891 Lucy Grantham 1869-1944 > Mary Ellen Lyne 1893-1968 m 1919 Edward Thompson, John Lyne 1869-1957 m Edith Lillian - 1876-1961
George Arbuthnott Lyne 1877-1925 m Mary Emmilene Jane - 1883-1949
Digby Lyne 1878-1960 m Agnes - 1880-1959
Rebecca Lyne 1895-1976 m 1924 Benjamin Withers Law
Ethelbert Lyne 1897-1986 d Auckland m Ivy Winifred Young 1897-1976
John Lyne 1906-88 m 1929 Evelyn May Harford 1908-85 > Selwyn Harford Lyne 1940-88

Thomas Charles Lyne 1831-1908, later settled Victoria, m Melbourne 1858 Janet Strachan Craik 1841-1903 from ne Scotland arr Victoria 1853 with parents James Strachan Craik 1816-83 and Janet MacDonald nee Lamont 1817-89 (source partly John Hardy to site author 2005). From c1864, Thomas was grazier, Tooradin near Cranbourne, se of Melbourne. Tooradin Estate at Lynes rd was owned within family.
William Lyne b 1861 m 1890 Sarah Milburn 1861-1923 > Lilian Keilora May Lyne 1892-1963, Susan Lyne 1893, Janet Lyne 1897 at Anderson's Inlet d 1984 m Arthur James Jordan, William Lawrence Lyne 1901-51 butcher Oakleigh m 1920 Vera Beatrice Spendlove 1902-80 (> Edward Lawrence Lyne 1921, Raymond Vivian Lyne 1922-41 kia RAN, Robert William Lyne 1924-2006)
Ethelbert James Lyne 1864-1942 grazier Leongatha 1899 m 1900 Agnes Caldow 1871-1945 by 1907 at Kerang > Agnes Mabel Lyne 1901-87, Ethelbert James Lyne 1903-83, John Caldow Lyne 1907-85 Kerang m 1933 Elsie May Stephens, Charles Thomas Lawrence Harrison Lyne 1907-86 m 1936 Lyla Mary Smith 1912-79, James Sydney Lyne 1909, Claude William Lyne 1911-42 kia AIF Libya
Elizabeth Jane Lyne 1865-1953 m 1896 Edwyn Cole
James Lyne 1867-1950 grazier Cressy
Jessie Lyne 1870-1953 m Trussel Kirkman Dyer
Charles Thomas Lyne 1872-1930 m Margaret Knott 1874-1955 > Charles Reginald Lyne 1902-61 fishing author Reg Lyne, m 1931 Katherina King (> 3 children)
Catherine Jane Lyne 1874
Thomas Francis Lyne 1877-1942
John Edward Lyne 1879-1963 m Ethel Gristwood McKee 1884-1960 > Felice Lyne 1913 m 1939 Albert Tuckey, Elma Lyne 1916 m 1936 John Cashin
Agnes Mabel Lyne 1882-1968.

Harriett Rebecca Lyne 1833-85 m NZ 1855 John Edward Neame.

Ethelbert James Lyne 1834-72 d Victoria.

Elizabeth Lyne 1837.

John Lyne 1839.


By late 1700's and for many years after, a Lyne family, spelling sometimes varied, was mainly in NW London around Little Stanmore, Edgware, Enfield and Watford often engaged as butchers, grocers and publicans. At least two members emigrated to Australia. William Lyne 1815-85 went to New South Wales 1836. His cousin Charles Henry Lyne 1834-1920 went to Victoria 1853. Both were grandsons of Jacob Lyne 1754-1803 m 1782 Sarah Bellis. The father of William was their son Jacob Lyne 1786-1863 butcher m 1799 Elizabeth Stuckey. The father of Charles was their son John Lyne 1799-1881 grocer m Susanna Mary Snewin 1807-78.

William Lyne
1815-85 butcher with Maria Gateley 1823?-58? > Jane Lyne as Lyons 1846m Sydney 1869 John Lloyd Williams d 1884 m2 1885 August Sauerbier 1846-88, Sarah Ann Lyne as Lyons 1847-1900 m 1867 Horatio Marshall m2 1880 Albert Mason.
William Lyne 1815-85 m Sydney 1855 Catherine Moore d 1875 > Catherine Caroline Lyne 1856-1875 m 1875 John Flockart, Jacob Joseph Lyne 1860-1922 m as Lyons 1888 Mary Elizabeth Colley 1862-1942 (> William Ernest Lyne 1890-1963 m 1917 Doris Cato d 1974, Jacob Henry Lyne 1894-1937 m Jessie Edna Hennessy, Kathleen Lyne 1896-1992 m 1916 David O'Rourke; Alfred Jonathan Lyne 1899-1971 m 1924 Daphne Byles), Amelia Lyne 1862-1932 m 1881 Thomas J Walsh, William Henry Lyne 1865-1940 m 1887 Alice Davis 1867-1914 (> William Alfred Lyne 1889-1944 m 1916 Catherine Cameron 1893, Arthur Thomas Lyne 1892-1919 m 1917 Leah Walford, Norman Henry Lyne 1895-1957, Harold Baden Lyne 1900-73 m 1929 Maria Catalano 1902-82), Elizabeth G Lyne 1868.

Charles Henry Lyne 1834-1920 grocer, butcher, mine owner at Ararat, Victoria, m 1865 Isabella Walker 1844-1920 > Elizabeth Mary Lyne 1866, Ernest Roy Lyne 1867-1931 settled NSW m Sydney 1901 Alice Guthrie (> Charles H Lyne 1903-39 d Qld m 1923 Doris Irene Carpenter 1902-91 (> Kenneth Gerard Lyne 1930-2001), Rose M Lyne 1910), Ida Maude Lyne 1869 m 1890 Charles Heard, Percy Lyne 1872-1960 m 1907 Elspeth McKenzie 1877-1952 (> Eric McKenzie Lyne 1908, Phyllis Lyne 1909-10, Clive Lyne 1912-91 bank officer, Allen Lyne 1914).

Compiled mainly from NSW and Vic bdm indices, Australian newspapers, and research published at especially by Judith Anderson and by Margaret Wickes.



Many are of Lyne via Tasmania, see above. Below are some others.

Richard Lyne
, b c1760, arr 1788 First Fleet ship Scarborough, convict, Winchester 1784 break, enter and steal watch, transported 7 years; Norfolk Is c1792-c1795. David or Denis Lyne, arr 1818, convict. James Lyne, arr 1828, convict. Patrick Lyne, arr 1835, convict.

Hamilton Poole Lyne 1869-1947 (of William Poole Lyne of London, formerly Wilts, and Annie), arr Aust 1891, m Sydney 1896 Annie P Crook > John L Lyne 1897 m 1924 Ailsa Mayne (> James Mayne Lyne 1925-2008 m 1949 Norah Nancy Garvin d 1969), Helen A Lyne 1899 m 1923 James Stephenson, Ruth L Lyne 1903 m 1926 John Norton

William Henry Lyne 1884-1926 b Bourke NSW (b reg as William R Lyon; mother Elizabeth d 1923 m as Lyon 1887 Robert Aubrey 1844-1915) m Clarence Town 1913 Frances M Gorton (> Aubrey Gorton Lyne 1919-89 m 1947 Marie Elizabeth McGuire )

Thomas Horace Lyne
d 1940 m Killarney Ireland 1883 Delia Healy d 1933, in NSW by 1895 > incl Francis Osmond Lyne 1895-1944, Thomas Kerry Lyne d 1953, Timothy Lyne 1898-1956.

Charles Emanuel Lyne
1820-94 b Cilgerran Gloucs (of Emmanuel Lyne and Eleanor) m Surrey 1843 Mary Ann Jordan 1819, arr Vic c1852 storekeeper Chilwell Geelong, by 1855 settled Newcastle NSW >
Emanuel Lyne 1846-53
Louisa E Lyne 1847 m 1869 Edwin Mathews
Charles Emanuel Lyne 1850-1910 journalist adb/A100176b m 1881 Jane Witherspoon (> Frank Witherspoon Lyne 1883-1965, Clare Evelyn Lyne 1886-1952, Ronald Charles Bertram Lyne 1887-1968 m 1911 Gladys E Sykes d 1985 (> Arthur Victor Lyne 1911-45 m 1931 Mabel Wheatley), Louisa Elaine Lyne 1889-1972, Mortimer Eustace Lyne 1891-1964 m 1923 Jean Isabel Gow d 1960 (> Frank Mortimer Lyne d 1983), Marjorie E Lyne 1894, Elinor B Lyne 1894
William Neill Jordan Lyne 1853-1941 Newcastle m 1877 Susanna Smith d 1940 > Charles A Lyne 1878 m 1901 Ethel Proctor (> Charles Lyne 1902, Stanley Proctor Lyne 1905-80 m 1932 Leila Wilson 1908-78, Essie M Lyne 1907, Arthur V Lyne 1912), William John Lyne 1880-1948 m 1907 Susan Amelia Brockwell (> William Francis Lyne 1908-1969 m 1937 Sarah Goodsell, Clifford Brockwell Lyne 1910-90 m 1937 Ada Pocock, Ronald George Lyne 1911-42 kia Papua), Arthur Victor Lyne 1885-1960 m 1913 Mary Hamilton (> Wallace H Lyne 1916, Gordon Lyne 1919-45, Mary E Lyne 1920), George Reginald Lyne 1888-1968 m 1912 Ida Muriel Cook d 1971, May E Lyne 1898 m 1928 Helge Molvig.

George William Lyne (originally Line, sometimes Lynes) 1830-1903 b Ridgemont Bedfordshire Eng d Moonbi near Tamworth NSW m Wellingrove NSW 1858 Margaret Ferguson Wallace 1839-75 > incl 3 sons reg Lynes at Wellingrove; m2 Tamworth 1898 Mary Betts
William George Lyne
1860-1920 m Tamworth 1887 Elizabeth Barnes > Helen (Ellen) Agnes Lyne 1888-1950 m 1911 Arthur A Lord, Ethel M Lyne 1891-1907, Elizabeth A Lyne 1893-1927 m 1913 William French, Edith M Lyne 1896 m 1916 Albert Blatch, Esther Jane Lyne 1899-1941 m 1930 George O Bush, William John Lyne 1901-67 m 1925 Sadie Woodward (> Sadie Lyne d 1957 Gunnedah), Elsie M Lyne 1904 m 1921 Bruce Michie, Evaline A Lyne 1907, Robert E Lyne 1910, John A Lyne 1912 m Tamworth 1934 Bertha A Pryor 1915-2004
Robert Lyne 1862-1934 m Armidale 1882 Sarah Hynes > Sarah Margaret Lynes 1884-1955 m 1915 John J Larkin, Arthur E Lynes 1892-1914, Cecelia May Lyne 1896-1959 m Tamworth 1914 Alfred E Hudson, Harold Gordon Lyne 1898-1971 m 1922 Ina Elvie Argent 1904-54 (> Robert George Lyne 1927-58 m 1954 Betty Celia Lawson), Ivy Irene Lyne 1901-66 m 1928 George W Argent
John William Lyne 1864-1941 m Port Macquarie 1897 Charlotte Jane Gill d 1947 > Fergusson Lloyd Lyne 1898-1967 m Port Macquarie 1927 Gladys Hopkins 1910-97 (> Ernest Lloyd Lyne 1928-2005, Ferguson Keith Lyne 1931-92), John Thomas Lyne 1899-1969 m Port Macquarie 1927 Susannah Trotter, Ellen D Lyne 1902-17, Margaret J Lyne 1907

George Lyne (of Richard Lyne) d 1884 m Sarah > Gertrude E Lyne b 1881 Goulburn, Herman Lyne b 1882 Goulburn. By 1891 Sarah and children lived England.


Arthur John Lyne
c1880-1964 b London d Vic (of Robert John Lyne, lace warehouseman London b Newcastle, Eng, m Matilda Browne) warehouseman m Vic 1908 Helen Caroline Frances Adamson 1880-1973 > John Alexander Lyne 1909-2012 geography schoolmaster and writer m Frances Mary Dawson d 1992, Nancy Edith Lyne 1915-2011.

Daniel Lyne
1868-1936 carrier (of Timothy Lyne m Mary O'Connor) arr Melbourne c1886 from Killorglin, Co Kerry, Ireland m Victoria 1904 Gertrude Agnes Holzer 1876-1930 > Mary Lyne 1907-66 m 1934 Leo O'Callagan, Annie Lyne 1916; niece Brigid Lyne c1893-1973 arr Melbourne c1917. Sourced at points in rootsweb posting 2002 E. O'Callaghan.

Denis Lyne
1890-1958 machinist, arr Aust 1911, m Constance 1888-1947 and James Patrick Lyne 1896-1964, arr Aust 1909, m Sarah Maude Hinks 1904-67. Denis and James were children of Martin Lyne m Sarah Groves.

Frederick Lyne
1827-1902 (of Samuel Lyne m Sarah) arr Vic 1857, m Mary Ann Harold (Herald?) c1833-1925 > Margaret Lyne 1861, Amelia Agnes Lyne 1864, Alfred Harold Lyne 1866-1939, Eliza Victoria Lyne 1868-1950 m - Duncan, Theresa Maud Lyne 1871-1958 m - Smith, Florence Lyne 1875, Frank Samuel Basil Lyne 1878-1912 m Margaret McCubbin 1880-1919 (> Gladys Margaret Lyne 1901 m 1928 Charles Downes, Frederick James Lyne 1905-86 m 1939 Gladys Ethelwyne De Jersey 1917-83, Allan George Lyne 1908, Frank Ernest Lyne 1910-68, Harry Hamson Lyne 1912-72). Frederick and Alfred were blacksmiths in Yarra docks area of Melbourne, res Footscray.

John Lyne
1835-97 b Cornwall d Bendigo Vic (of William Lyne or Line 1811 copper miner m Saint Merryn Cornwall 1835 Jane Parsons b 1816) m Cornwall 1855 Elizabeth Chegwin 1838-1915, arr Vic c1856 where lived at Bendigo, also periods at Burra copper mining region of South Australia > Elizabeth Lyne 1857 b SA, Elizabeth Jane Lyne 1859 b Vic, Anne Lyne 1861 b Vic, William Chirgwin Lyne 1862 b SA, John Lyne 1864 b Vic, Annie Lyne 1865 b SA, Emily Lyne 1867 b Vic, William Chegwin Lyne 1869 m 1893 Marion McConachy 1865-96, John Lyne 1873-1911 painter Bendigo m 1905 Harriet Laura Louise Wilkinson 1872-1954 (> Dulcie Lyne 1907-57 m 1936 James McNeil Richardson, John Henry Lyne 1912-83 m 1936 Olive May Roberts 1912 > John Henry Lyne 1941-84 m 1964 Lola Maree Clemens 1943-84), James Chegwin Lyne 1878 miner Bendigo 1899, Kalgoorlie WA 1916. Thanks to Rebecca (Lyne) Freeman of this family, email 2004 to site author.

Thomas Lyne
m Catherine Tully > John Lyne b 1847 Geelong.

Walter George Lyne
1871-1955 b Eng d Vic, AIF ww1, earlier res Tasmania, m Caroline A - > Walter George Rodis Lyne 1909-49 b Plymouth Eng d Vic.


George Lyne 1832-70 b Urchfont Wilts m London 1854 Elizabeth Barnes Staples 1836-1929, arr Qld 18 60's, Elizabeth m2 1870 Donald Henderson 1837-1926, later settled near Kerang Vic.

Christopher Lyne seems arr Qld 1877 age 22, m 1894 Elizabeth Aretha Shepherd > Christopher John Lyne 1894-1917 b Charters Towers, later with parents at New Farm Brisbane, kia Belgium.

Patrick Lyne
1860-1931 arr Qld 1880 from Kerry Ireland m Qld 1885 Mary Ellen Lee d 1949, settled Laidley > incl Michael Lyne 1889-1969 m 1916 Anastasia Talbot 1893-1975, Patrick Joseph Lyne 1891-1936, James Lyne 1893-1959, Thomas Phillip Lyne 1897-1973 m 1918 Ethel Elsa Lauman, Julia Lyne 1899 m 1920 Kenneth Clyde McKenzie, Jeremiah John Lyne 1905 -94 m 1935 Bertha Minnie Sippel 1911-75, David William Lyne 1909-2003.

John Lyne
m Qld 1904 Susan Feigher y d 1954
> incl Francis William Lyne d 1976, John Ignatius Lyne 1905-55, Mary Ellen Lyne 1907, James Cyril Lyne 1908.


Joseph Lyne
c1812-47 b London d SA m 1831 Rebecca Page 1811-96 arr 1836 > 6 daus.

Hannibal Lyne 1851-1940 b Meneage Cornwall d SA (of Hannibal Lugg Lyne, farmer m Mary Anne Thomas); of Lyne family of Mawgan, Cornwall. Hannibal arr SA after 1871, m 1880 Rosa Jane Cole 1859-1942 > George William Cole Lyne 1881-1956 m 1906 Millie Regina Moyle West 1880-1958 (> Queenie Anna Rosa Lyne 1907, Laura Mabel Mary Lyne 1912, George William Cole Lyne 1916), Nellie Mabel Lyne 1884-1953, Elsie Mary Lyne 1889-1963, Jessie Laura Lyne 1892-c1984, Hannibal Thomas Mitchell Lyne 1897 m Mai Elizabeth Puhlmann, Wilfred Tregevis Lyne 1903.
William Thomas Lyne, brother of Hannibal, m Cornwall 1883 Eleanor Elizabeth Bunt, arr SA by 1884 > William Thomas Leonard Lyne 1884, Jane Winifred Lyne 1886; by 1888 family returned to Cornwall.


Robert Edward Lyne
1901-76 (of George Lyne and Annie) arr 1922 m Violet 1906-89

mainly from public information Nat Archives Aust, incomplete

John Trelease Lyne from UK 1948 ancestry of Cornwall
Bruce Lyne b 1934 and family from UK 1958
Donald Lyne b 1927
Gordon Roy Lyne b 1930 and family from UK 1968
Michael Geoffrey Lyne b 1943 and family from UK 1969
Peter Anthony Lyne b 1937 from UK 1965
Roy Lyne b 1940 and family from UK 1964
Richard Henry Lyne b 1941 and family from UK 1971.


Robert Reynolds Lyne
1863-1911, b London, son of Robert Lyne c1839 m Bedfordshire 1859 Hannah Reynolds c1842-1898, to NZ 1871 with widowed mother, settled Hororata near Timaru; on death of uncle 1888 had Three Springs Estate. m 1894 - Prayer > Florence Mona Lyne 1899-90 m Frederick Carter King 1897-1929 ?m2 1910 Alice Emma Mofatt 1875-1956 > Lillian Mabel Lyne 1911 m Timaru 1938 Roland Charles Bracefield 1909-93
Other apparent relations included William Reynolds Lyne d 1933, a younger Robert Reynolds Lyne, Noel Reynolds Lyne, Leonard George Lyne d 1969 of Pareora East, William Lawrence Lyne d 1985 Timaru

Christopher John Lyne
c1860-1947, from Ireland, arr NZ 1900, by 1906 teacher Wellington area, m Elizabeth d 1944 > John Christopher Lyne 1903-94 m Winifred May - 1922-63, Patricia Lyne.

Gilbert Lyne
1884-1929 and Emily Sabina Thorn 1896-1969 m Guildford Surrey early 1916 and emigrated to Palmerston North NZ > Charles Gilbert Lyne 1917-2009 b NZ, nursery man, m Sheila Maureen Warn 1919-2007 (> Jenny Schrama-Stuart nee Lyne thanks for assistance 2014, Vicki Nathan nee Lyne).
Gilbert Lyne was born Persia of a Lyne family from London and nearby with earlier ancestry around Amwell Hertfordshire. He was by 1901 at Woking Surrey, by 1902 secretary Asiatic Quarterly Review where his father editor, by 1911 he an editor, from 1902 part-time Army (Surrey Yeomanry), from Jan 1915 in France, invalided on account of accident, Nov 1915 discharged, later in NZ army, also orchardist. His father Charles Lyne 1848-1906 was a London civil servant until about 1882 then in Persia to about 1892 apparently secretary to Shah, later author and editor, m Rickmansworth 1880 Amelia Bainbridge Crawley 1862-1931. Gilbert’s grandparents were Charles Lyne 1824-81 civil servant b Great Amwell and Elizabeth Cleary m 1847 Bloomsbury London.



with additional entries inside square brackets [ ] derived from other sources

Penelope Wheler Cotton
[b 1834] d Paris 1900 m 1857 De Castro Fisher Lyne [divorce 1874], child of John Cotton and Penelope Bird [m London 1833 second for both].

Father of Penelope Wheler Cotton: John Cotton M.C.S. [Madras Civil Service] & E.I.P. b Oct 10 1784 [sic 1783] d July 16 1860 [late of 78 Westbourne tce, Hyde Park] Director & Chairman of the Hon the East India Company [entered it 1801, Tanjore Collector and principal Magistrate: John F Riddick Who's Who in British India. A brother was William Cotton 1786-1866 inventor, banker whose son was Henry Cotton, Lord Justice, Court of Appeal. Father was Joseph Cotton 1745-1825 Director HEIC 1795-1823 after joining its mercantile service; Deputy Master Trinity House from 1803; of Society of East India Commanders; m 1779 Sarah Harrison 1751-1818. Cotton family associated E London and Leyton, Essex. Joseph Cotton son of Nathaniel Cotton 1705-88
*pic link Chris Reynolds hertfordshire-gen poet, physician, and Ann Pembroke d 1749. Sarah dau of John Harrison 1721-94, merchant, director HEIC and Bank of England, of Chigwell, Essex, m 1747 Charlotte Branfill d 1797; John son of Benjamin Harrison of Poplar and Essex d 1745 m1 1719 Sarah Deane; Charlotte dau of Champion Branfil 1683-1738 and Mary Braund m 1711: sources wills, Oxford Dict Nat Bio, IGI.]
John Cotton m1 - Stedman d 1821. [Joseph John Cotton 1813-67, of John Cotton and first wife, Madras Civilian 1831-63, his son Henry John Stedman Cotton 1845-1915, Bengal Civil Service from 1867, presided 1904 Indian National Congress, Bombay.]

Mother of Penelope Wheler Cotton: Penelope Bird [1800-36 b Warwick d London; in Bengal by 1820 probably by link with brother William Wilberforce Bird 1784-1857 arr Calcutta 1803, by 1842 Deputy Gov]. Penelope Bird was dau of William Wilberforce Bird 1758-1836 and Penelope Wheler 1764-1839 m 1782 [Warwick]. William, MP for Coventry [1796-1802, silk dealer, settled 1807 Cape of Good Hope, many years Comptroller of Customs, wrote book on colony 1822] was son of [John Bird b 1724 m 1756] and Judith Wilberforce [b 1727. John Bird was son of John Bird c1694-1771 of Kenilworth MP, m 1718 Rebecca Martin or Martyn. Judith Wilberforce was dau of William Wilberforce 1690-1744 and Sarah Thornton.] William Wilberforce Bird was cousin of [slavery abolitionist] William Wilberforce 1759-1833 [deeply so since his mother was sister of William Wilberforce's father Robert Wilberforce, his father was first cousin of William Wilberforce's mother Elizabeth Bird and his paternal grandmother was sister of William Wilberforce's maternal grandmother Elizabeth Martin]. Father of Penelope Wheler was Charles Wheler [1730 Paris - 1821 Bath; M.A., prebendary North Newbald 1779-1821, baronet 1799, d 12 July 1821:
bh34565] son of William Wheler [1705-63] and Penelope Glynn [c1706-c40, old Welsh family]. Mother of Penelope Wheler was Lucy Strange [1733-1800] dau of John Strange [1696-1754; barrister 1718; solicitor-general 1737; MP Totnes 1742] Master of the Rolls [1750-54], [and Susannah Strong b c1709 memoires Nares].
Penelope Bird m1 1820 George Richardson [1792-1826 d Berhampore] B.C.S. [Bengal Civil Service] > Robert John B.C.S. b 1825 Judge I.C.S. [m Bancore, Bengal, m2 of George, son of Acct-Gen HEIC: Swetenham
notes show children Edward 1821, Joseph 1822-1900.]



(Marie) Elizabeth Garrett Torrance 1870-1925
*pic 1899, *pic c1923, *pic c1923, m Melbourne, Australia 1896 Ernest Wilberforce Lyne. Mary was born Stranraer, Wigtownshire, Scotland. As Marie Torrance, she was teacher and stage performer of elocution until health decline 1912.

Mary's father was John Torrance 1831-72 b Leswalt, Wigtownshire, master mariner, by 1860 captain schooner Sarah Jane of Stranraer, by 1862 master schooner Isabella Reid, 1866 purchased wooden schooner Isabella reportedly from which 1872 leapt to death in sea opposite Turnberry Point, Ayrshire. John was child of Robert Torrance b 1801 Leswalt, sailor 1827, later cooper, ship master and owner, and Jess (Jessie) Stevenson m Stranraer 1827; Robert m2 by 1838 Jean McCracken, d by 1860. Robert was child of Robert Torrance (Torance) b 1774 Leswalt d by 1845, ship owner, fish curer, and Elizabeth McKenzie 1779-1855 b Edinburgh. Robert b 1774 was child of Willam Torance c1735-1822 of Leswalt (and Mary McWillam?). Elizabeth was child of Daniel McKenzie and Janet Wemyss. Jess Stevenson probably was child of John Stevenson b c1774 and Jean Fox b c1781 both from Portpatrick, m 1798, by 1841 census at Stranraer with them James Torrance, child b 1828 of Robert and Jess; John Stevenson was a cattle dealer.

Mary's mother was Janet Coulter 1836-1915 b Stranraer dressmaker m1 1860 John Torrance, m2 1873 James McMurdo subsequent captain of Isabella who died lost at sea 1874 after its collision with another ship near entrance to Loch Ryan. Janet was child of John Coulter carter, shipping agent Stranraer b c1812 Ireland d c1853 and Mary Ann McDowall (or McDouall) 1811-63 b Larg, Leswalt, m 1831 Stranraer. Mary Ann was child of James McDowall, farmer at Larg, thought lived c1786-1850's, b Ireland, and thought Janet McCaig b 1781 Stoneykirk, d by 1851, dau of Daniel McCaig and Janet Murdoch. Mary Ann McDowall had a brother James, thought James McDowall 1813-74 bone miller Inch (whose d cert gives the McCaig link).

Janet nee Coulter and children including Mary Torrance migrated 1876 to Victoria, Australia where Janet's siblings had settled years earlier
They travelled in name McMurdo, ship True Briton. Later Janet and son became McMurdie, daughters Torrance. Coulter  Janet nee Coulter res 1880's Albert Park, c1899 St.Kilda, c1909 Prahran with daughter Mary and son-in-law Ernest Lyne, d 1915, bur St Kilda Cem. Additional to Mary, her children with her to Aust were:
Jessie Stevenson Torrance 1862-1883
Margaret Coulter Torrance 1864-1902. m 1889 cousin Herbert William Garrett Coulter 1864-1918 above.
Joan Torrance 1867-1943 *pic, *pic. As Joan Torrance or Joan Torrance Kerr, wrote 'Twixt Heather and Wattle Poems several editions 1902-11, other poems, song lyrics. m 1889 Harold Bertrand Kerr 1861-1900 engineer and gold mining manager (son of Peter Kerr 1820-1912 architect Victoria Parliament House adb/A050026b m Melbourne 1857 Harriette Bertrand) > Jessie Helen Agnes Kerr 1890-1970 *pic m 1916 William Inglis Morison 1890-1963 (> Shirley Ellen Morison 1924-76 m 1948 Frank Duffett Rosier 1923-2010 > 2 children), Charles Tennyson Kerr 1892-1963 *pic Jessie Kerr, Janet Lyne, Joan Torrance c1918, from Jill . Rosier Astall dau of Shirley *pic William Morison, Jessie, F.D. Rosier 1948 and *pic Shirley, Jessie c1955.
Hamilton McMurdie (McMurdo) 1874-1954 accountant m 1897 Milly Melora Warne d 1943 > Mary Spencer McMurdie 1900-83 m 1924 Herbert Edward Belyea 1898-1988, Kathleen Janet McMurdie 1902 m 1929 Hector Macdonald Mackenzie, James Hamilton McMurdie 1906-72 m 1933 Alice Mary Williams.

Brothers and a sister of Janet had settled Victoria years earlier; they were:

William Coulter 1832-88 *pic from Rosie Gall; 1851 carter Stranraer, arr Vic 1854, quartz gold mining ventures near Maryborough for several years, m Tas 1863 Jessie Mary Garrett 1845-1906 (of Rev James Garrett 1793-1874 adb/A010395 and Jane McDowall 1815-68; James from Stranraer, 1828 to Bothwell Tas, from 1840 Launceston area; m Jane 1832 at Bothwell where McDowall family from Edinburgh arr Tas 1824. William and Jessie res Melb, by late 1860's South Yarra, William tea merchant and general broker > Herbert William Garrett Coulter 1864-1918 m 1889 cousin Margaret Coulter Torrance 1864-1902 below (> William Arnold Coulter 1890-1960 later of Qld, Herbert Clyde Coulter 1894-1958 later of NSW), George Frederick Bruce Coulter 1866-1929 later of Adelaide S Aust m 1893 Ada Stephens *pic from Rosie Gall, Alfred Valentine Coulter 1868-1953 m Elizabeth later of Qld later NSW, Gerald Mackie Coulter 1870-1955 m 1897 Margaret Welch (> George Gordon Coulter 1898-1971, Vic Football League (VFL) delegate, behind player pay regulations 1930-70 known as Coulter Law, Rita Jane Charlotte Coulter 1873 m 1905 Theodore Kapp, Andrew Brydges White Coulter 1878-1960 m 1904 Louisa Hinkley, James Garrett Coulter 1880-1901. By 1888 William res Albert Park with sister Janet. Jessie m2 1888 Caleb Powell b 1861
Margaret Coulter 1834-1904 arr Vic 1856, m Melb 1865 Wynand Zevenboom 1832-1918, brush manufacturer, 1872 res 17 Lt Lonsdale st, several children
Archibald Coulter 1838-85 *pic arr Vic 1857; mining partnership with brother William at Talbot dissolved 1860; miner, vet surgeon; of Broadford region; used aliases; became of disrepute; with Joanna McKay > Mary Ann Ellen Coulter 1874
James McDowall Coulter 1840-73 arr Vic 1858, of H.M. Customs, m Melb 1868 Elizabeth Miller > John Coulter 1869-1915 m Brisbane 1896 Margaret Birch (> Eric James Coulter 1900-74, Herbert John Coulter 1903-76, Percival Archibald Coulter 1906-74, all of Qld)
John Coulter 1847-72 arr Vic 1869, engineer.


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